Monday, May 07, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: GoodRadio Coming To Ohio

UPDATE 8:36 PM 5/7/07: Thanks to a comment by an OMW reader, we tracked down this Lima News article from Saturday, which has the Clear Channel Lima and Findlay stations going to GoodRadio.

But...that's not all, according to this quote from the article:

The company has reportedly sold its six Lima station, along with stations in Findlay, Tiffin, Marion, Sandusky and Chillicothe, to the Iowa-based Good Radio.TV.

Add in the Ohio Valley stations based in Wheeling (see below), and that's a large chunk of Clear Channel's small market holdings in Ohio.

Missing from the list is the company's extensive Mid-Ohio cluster out of Mansfield/Ashland, and the CC Ashtabula cluster. OMW had heard that the Mansfield/Ashland based stations were not expected to go to GoodRadio, but that has just been a rumor...

And we haven't seen a complete list of the CC/GoodRadio spinoffs, though we're told to expect one in the next day or two.

Our original report is below...


OMW has its first evidence that former PAX TV/ION Networks executive Dean Goodman's GoodRadio.TV is picking up Clear Channel small market radio stations here in Ohio.

Wheeling's WTRF/7 is reporting that GoodRadio has confirmed that it is buying all six of the company's local stations in that region.

In addition, the article also notes a number of states where GoodRadio will be operating, and Ohio is on that list.

We'd have to revisit the list of Clear Channel stations, but we're pretty sure the six stations include outlets on both sides of the Ohio/West Virginia border. And we'd also guess that other Ohio markets will follow in the GoodRadio acquisition...


Anonymous said...

The Lima News reported over the weekend that the company has picked up CC stations in Lima, Findlay and Tiffin.

Anonymous said...

Does this deal include "The Big One" WWVA?

Anonymous said...

Whatever they paid for Wheeling is too much. It used to be such a cute town but it has just gotten horrible the past few years.

Anonymous said...

There's no list of pending stations available?????

Ohio Media Watch said...

Not that we've seen.

We're hearing rumblings that "the list" could be out as soon as tomorrow.

-The Management

Anonymous said...

Markets left to be sold by C.C. as of 5-2-07

Ashland/Mansfield, OH
Ashtabula, OH
Centralia, WA
Charlottesville, VA
Defiance, OH
Dickinson, ND
Frankfort, KY
Grand Forks, ND
Marion/Carbondale, IL
Rome/Utica, NY
San Luis Obispo, CA
The Florida Keys, FL
Tri-Cities, WA
Victorville, CA
Yakima, WA
Yuma, AZ

Anonymous said...

GoodRadio would be wise to pick up the Marion Carbondale FM..they rule that market and have for years..

Anonymous said...

Does this include the ABN? The farmers want to know ...

Anonymous said...

No...the ABN was purchased by a company who owns all the agri networks in the midwest for 300K. CC bought the ABN a couple years ago for 1MIL. A bit of a loss I would say

Mydenrocks said...

Thought I would let you know that the Ashtabula CC cluster was sold today.

Anonymous said...

ABN was sold to Andy Vance's Buckeye AG Radio Network (BARN)