Friday, May 18, 2007


An OMW reader just found this item on WKYC/3 senior director Frank Macek's excellent "Director's Cut" blog.

Frank reports that WOIO/19 investigative reporter Tom Meyer will be coming to "Channel 3 News" as Chief Investigative Reporter.

In the end, it basically amounts to a "trade" between the local NBC affiliate and CBS affiliate, if a bit removed.

Former "Channel 3 News" investigative reporter Carl Monday left WKYC bound for "19 Action News", though he's had to sit off camera to wait out a non-compete. WOIO has teased his upcoming start, telling viewers to E-Mail "CM Investigations" in short promos.

The WKYC press release, linked on the "Director's Cut" blog above, says Meyer has to go through the same waiting game as well, in this quote from Channel 3 VP/GM Brooke Spectorsky:

"Tom will join channel 3 starting in mid-October and on the air by mid-January. For now, Tom is still under contract with WOIO, so Northeast Ohio viewers will need to be a bit patient before they can see him on Channel 3."

Meanwhile, OMW hears that Carl Monday and Tom Meyer may not exactly get along under the same roof, which is why it doesn't surprise us that Meyer has jumped to Monday's former employer.

No word on who gets custody of the library stories...


Anonymous said...

What the main beef between Meyer and Monday is is that both of them want to be "the man" when it comes to investigating.

You notice that all of the big investigations happen during sweeps and that is when the most eyeballs are on their TV's.

Both want the face time, awards, and most importantly $$$ for themselves.

They were bumping heads at WJW back in the day, and it would have the same thing at WOIO if both were kept.

The funny thing is they both have now been at Ch. 3, 8, and 19/43. All either of them need to do is get a job at WEWS and they will have the "Grand Slam", meaning they'll have all 4 of Cleveland's TV news departments on their resume.

Anonymous said...

Meyer and Monday can't stand each other.

Monday is a national joke thanks to The Daily Show.

Meyer is not as fortunate. He's only considered a local joke, thanks to WOIO.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above must be the Channel 5 Chief Investigator. Jealous because no one knows who he is. I can't even think of his name.

Anonymous said...

Channel 5's investigator is Duane Pohlman.

Anonymous said...

And that is the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

Monday was always a sleaze that never let facts get in the way. He'll fit righ in at 19.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like the above poster may have been the subject of a Carl Monday investigation! ;-)

Anonymous said...

In the now immortal words of Jason Jones, "Hey Carl, you jackin' it?” Totally hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Weren't Carl Monday and Tom Meyer the original I Team investigators?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they were the orginal I-team investigators but they got tired of checking out each other's dirty underwear so Tom left first.