Monday, May 14, 2007

We're Still Here

OMW publishes as frequently as possible, given news events in the local media world, and the schedule of your Primary Editorial Voice(tm).

So, this is not an official "hiatus" announcement - if it had been, the attention signal you just heard in your head would have been followed by more hallucinations. But we may not be able to get around to updating this report until sometime Tuesday evening.

We'll try to post "breaking" media news as soon as possible, and we could be back sooner than then.

Thank you, and enjoy!

-- The Management


JD said...

Today's big announcement was that Tracy McCool is having her second baby. Her husband, daughter, and dog were in the studio for the news. The baby was somewhat of "a surprise," and is expected in November.

I don't know if there is video of the announcement, but Tracy talks about the baby in her blog here -


Anonymous said...

These female anchors always seem to be getting knocked up around the time they have ratings sweeps. Me thinks it's a plot.......

Anonymous said...

Isnt it time for Hollie Strano to get pregnant again? She has had like what 5 kids in the last 5 years?