Thursday, June 21, 2007

Matthews' Contract Renewal

The folks at Oak Tree want to make sure you know this:

Clear Channel Cleveland rock WMMS/100.7 - top 40 WAKS/96.5 program director Bo Matthews has signed a three year contract extension, taking him - on paper - until April 2010.

Bo gained the "Kiss FM" addition to his duties in replacement of former "Kiss" programmer Dan Mason, now trying to bring new stability to embattled top 40 outlet KDND/107.9 Sacramento CA ("The End"), which was that certain station with that certain contest that made national news...


Anonymous said...

they sounded better when dan mason was steering the wheel. too broing now, slow to play new songs, promotions are lacking originality and edge.

Anonymous said...

Is CC spinning off WMJI, WMVX, WGAR and WMMS??? It appears so!

From's "Transactions At A Glance":

Transactions At A Glance

Transfer of 71 Clear Channel stations to Aloha Station Trust, LLC, prior to or simultaneously with consummation of the merger/privatization of Clear Channel, to comply with the FCC ownership limits for an undisclosed amount. … Whitley Broadcasting Co Inc is donating WEZJ-AM/Williamsburg, KY to the Whitley County Board of Education for no monetary consideration


WXEG-FM/Beavercreek (Dayton), WGAR-FM, WMJI-FM, WMMS-FM & WMVX-FM/Cleveland, WONE-AM, WMMX-FM & WTUE-FM/Dayton and WDKF-FM/Englewood (Dayton), WZRX-FM/Fort Shawnee (Lima), WDSJ-FM/Greenville and WLQT-FM/Kettering (Dayton), WIMA-AM & WIMT-FM/Lima and WBUK-FM/Ottawa (Lima), WIZE-AM/Springfield (Dayton), WMLX-FM/St. Marys (Lima),

FREQUENCY: 103.9 MHz; 99.5 MHz; 105.7 MHz; 100.7 MHz; 106.5 MHz; 980 kHz; 107.7 MHz; 104.7 MHz; 94.5 MHz; 107.5 MHz; 106.5 MHz; 99.9 MHz; 1150 kHz; 102.1 MHz; 106.3 MHz; 1340 kHz; 103.3 MHz

POWER: 3kw at 479 feet; 50kw at 499 feet; 16kw at 1,129 feet; 34kw at 600 feet; 12kw at 1,037 feet; 5kw day/night; 28kw at 656 feet; 28kw at 656 feet; 4kw at 427 feet; 1kw at 495 feet; 50kw at 479 feet; 28kw at 656 feet; 1kw day/night; 11kw at 1,060 feet; 1kw at 489 feet; 1kw day/night; 2kw at 558 feet

Johnny Morgan said...

Aloha Station Trust, LLC is located at 2119 CHITTIM PASS DRIVE, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78232.

Its sole member is Jeanette Tully, former VP of Entravision, the Spanish station owner. She retired in 2002.

Anonymous said...

Holding companies, not new owners.

The entire Akron Cluster is in a Capstar holding group.

Smoke and Mirrors. Smoke and mirros.

Anonymous said...

The CLeveland radio market is very political. It is controlled by Mike Mc Vay and a handful of others. The politics cross Clear Channel, CBS and Radio 1. They have been successful at keeping their buddies employed while better jocks go unheard and more credible managers remain unemployed. Carl Hirsch was never part of that group and operated independently and that was one of the reasons for the successes at WMMS and WMJI and Malrite when Carl ran that company. I hope its Carl Hirsch. He will hire against the Mike Mc Vay grain and get those that deserve to be on the air back on and maybe return some of the better programmers and promotion people back to Cleveland radio.