Friday, June 29, 2007

WNIR Morning Co-Host Steps Down

UPDATE 6/29/07 10:07 PM: We've updated and changed some of this item, as some of the circumstances surrounding Maggie Fuller's departure from WNIR become clearer.

Maggie's website contains this message, which was copied by AllAccess earlier this afternoon:

Maggie really did quit!

Yes, I need a life. I will miss everyone and it makes me sad but life is too short to work Monday through Saturday and every other holiday. I have no retirement and need to find a job with a plan. I will miss everyone. Love, Maggie

The message also has her E-Mail address, and though it is on a rather interestingly named subpage of the Angelfire host - "weird2/bitemybutt", we're told she's used it before for photos.

The original item is below, though with older information...


OMW hears that Akron market MediaCom talk WNIR/100.1 morning co-host Maggie Fuller is leaving after 9 years working for the station.

Way back when, even before WKNT "AM & FM, Kent, Ohio" became "The Talk of Akron"...oh, say in the early 80's...morning host Stan Piatt mostly reigned on the wakeup shift solo.

Over time, the show has grown to four on-air cast members who contribute...Piatt, news director Jim Midoch, sports director Steve French, and Maggie Fuller - who was the first member of the cast who wasn't there because she had some other role on the show.

We don't know much, right now, about why Maggie is leaving WNIR, or where, if anywhere, she's going.

Kudos to Maggie, and enjoy life!