Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday Pick Up

Top of the midweek to you...and here's what's on the agenda for today so far...

INCOMING?: Some of our readers noticed this, and so did we.

AllAccess notes that a former Ft. Myers FL morning show team is on a "seven city audition tour", and that Cleveland is one of the stops for the team known as "Damage and Gravy" (???).

The pair used to be on the "Morning Mess" show on Beasley classic rock WRXK/96.1 "K-Rock" in the western Florida city, and the AllAccess item says they've also auditioned for a major market spot in the Southeast.

We'll leave it to our readers to guess where they may be visiting in Cleveland, if anywhere. There wouldn't appear to be an immediate opening, unless a station is getting ready to jettison a show or something.

And we don't know if Mr. Damage or Mr. Gravy have format experience outside the rock or classic rock worlds, so without that knowledge, we can't even make any guesses as to who they're talking to here.

Or, if they're talking to anyone at all here in Northeast Ohio. Anyone can throw out the phrase "we're auditioning in this list of cities" with nothing to back it up...

SLATS ACTION: Cleveland figures in another AllAccess tidbit posted Tuesday.

The name of former WMMS/100.7 and ex-WXTM-now-WKRI/92.3 personality Tim Slats shows up in Tuesday's AllAccess "Action" listing.

Mr. Slats, after leaving Cleveland, left full-time radio for an assistant golf pro job in Florida. (Some people are smarter than we are.)

He told AllAccess back a few months ago that he was still dabbling in the business, doing creative writing of station imaging liners on the side.

Is he getting back on the air? And if so, is it down in Florida, or here?

We don't know, yet...but we're trying to find out.

UPDATE 1:15 PM 6/6/07: AllAccess reports that Tim Slats is dipping his toes back in the radio water in his new home area of Orlando. He'll be doing swing/weekend work at Clear Channel rock WJRR/101.1 "Real Rock 101.1" there...while continuing his "day job" as an assistant golf pro at Orlando's Grand Cypress Resort...

TRIV'S VACATION: An OMW reader lets us know that there's a good reason Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 afternoon driver Mike Trivisonno is on vacation the same week the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA Finals.


Triv's apparently in the World Series of Poker, a long-planned trip which puts him in Las Vegas this week. We're sorry we missed this news, but we have drastically cut down on our Triv Diet the past few months.

As we said in the previous item, we can't blame ol' Triv for this one. Not even the most optimistic Cavaliers fan on the planet would have declined taking vacation for mid-June, hoping to see the local pro basketball team in the NBA Finals.

And yes, of course we're aware that Cleveland doesn't host the series until next Tuesday.

We only brought it up because we were marking local media members' trips to San Antonio, and such a series is pretty much an "all hands on deck" situation for a team's flagship station, whether it is here or in the visitor's home city.

As such, even while competing in a poker tournament, we would bet on Triv burning up his cell phone minutes calling back to the station the rest of this week...

AND SPEAKING OF SAN ANTONE: OMW hears that WEWS/5 "NewsChannel 5" reporter Carolina Leid is no longer alone with her presence for the Cleveland ABC affiliate in San Antonio.

Newly-minted "Good Morning Cleveland" anchor Paul Kiska is already there, and has promoted that he'll be co-hosting the morning show from San Antonio the rest of the week.

But which one of the two will become San Antonio Bureau Chief, anyway?...


Anonymous said...

Damage = Liz Wilde Show cast member / Liz Wilde love interest Mickey English, who of course spent a minute doing mornings on WMMS.

Not sure how much of this "7 city radio tour" is hype, but I would bet a lot of it is, and I wouldn't count on anything worth talking about in Cleveland......or anything anywhere else......but who knows....anything is possible

Anonymous said...

Great to see Slats back on the air. Genuinely a nice guy, and talented. WJRR is a kick a$$ rock station! CJ Goodearl and Co really have the creative ramped up on that station. "Moefugger Malt Liquor" anyone?

Anonymous said...

Off topic... does anyone recall who bought the CC FLA Keys stations? Did those go to VOX or to Goodman?? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

GoodRadio LLC did not..I think the FL stations are still to be sold..

Anonymous said...

hopefully with triv out , they will let a sports guy fill in and take calls. i would love for snyder or galeti or even andre to just sit there and take calls

Johnny Morgan said...

Some more All Access Action, Cleveland Style:

Pat McCabe.

Wonder if Rizzo's putting in some Good Karma for his old WHK PD?

(Who let the corn out?)

Anonymous said...

Is there gonna be a THURSDAY UPDATE????

Anonymous said...

To: Tony "Wheeeeee" Rizzo

Subject: "Red"


When will "Red" make an appearance on your show? If he has, please post audio as a podcast.

With July 4th coming "Red" is a must.

a Red fan

Anonymous said...

WEWS Programming Note:
Tonight's ''Fast Cars and Superstars'' that was interrupted by 5's pre game coverage will be on Saturday afternoon at 4:30 PM.

Anonymous said...

Pat McCabe will come back and do some serious sports jawboning on WKNR you will see.