Thursday, June 21, 2007

STO Ups With Captains

This one only made our radar when we tuned into SportsTime Ohio, and saw a Lake County Captains game being aired.

But sure enough, the Indians-owned cable/satellite regional sports channel has just inked a five-game deal with the team's single-A South Atlantic League affiliate just up I-90 in Eastlake. The games are being produced by Classic Teleproductions.

Tonight, the Captains' 7 PM game with the Delmarva Shorebirds - first in the series - is being broadcast live. The Captains and Shorebirds' second game in this series will air on delay Friday after the Cleveland Indians' game with the Washington Nationals. Three other Captains' games will be announced later in this second half of the season.

We remember the very early days of SportsTime Ohio - OK, so it was just over a year ago - when network officials seemed cool to telecasting minor league games, even those of the team's own affiliates.

With even a limited Captains schedule, can the double-A Eastern League Akron Aeros be next up? With the deal with the Captains and Classic Teleproductions, and Akron being just a little farther from Jacobs Field than would make sense to us.

Oh, and we got a reminder of another ongoing news item while watching the Captains on STO.

As it turns out, WJW "FOX 8" has an advertising board out at Classic Park, the home of the Captains.

It's not a "Cleveland's own" style ad, has the new FOX O&O/FOX News Channel style "FOX 8" logo, with the legend: "The Most Powerful Name In Local News".

This slogan, of course, is the slogan the company is reportedly planning to adopt at its local owned stations - following after the similar FNC slogan. As far as we know, neither the new logo or slogan has been used in outside advertising (or on-air, for that matter) elsewhere for WJW.

Is it "business as usual" for the local FOX O&O stations, like WJW, until a buyer is found for the ones that are up for sale? Would a new WJW owner keep this branding even if the station remains a FOX affiliate after a sale? Will the stations up on the block actually be sold?

Oh, we've hit this topic numerous times before, of course, in the items below. But we're just thinking out loud...


Anonymous said...

The new set and graphics are a perfect example of how the ''sale'' of WJW and the others may be a publicity stunt. Why would FOX put that much money into a station they are going to sell, especially this FOX style. The new owner may absolutely hate the new look and want to change it. Plus, WJW would not just give up the ''Cleveland's Own'' image. This new look is definitely something they were forced into by new owners. I wathced the clip from FOX5,(with similar set and graphics) and it looks nothing like WJW's style(it would fit WOIO perfectly) If WJW is sold to a different owner, they would ditch this new look as soon as possible. FOX knows this and there's no way they would put this much money into something they are going to sell.

Anonymous said...

Looking at other O&O websites that already converted, where WJW has a tab that says ''Morning Show'', other stations say ''Good Day'' Will WJW start calling their morning show Good Day Cleveland?

Anonymous said...

Matt Underwood should call those games for the Captains. Cuz that is about where he belongs.. Single A.

Anonymous said...

Nice hearing from you John Saunders.

Anonymous said...

WJW did call the 7a-9a portion of their morning show "Good Day Cleveland" in 1994, immediantly after switching to Fox and losing CBS' "This Morning." It was hosted, IIRC, by Bill Martin and Stephanie Schaffer (both of which were newcomers at that point. The 5:30a-7a portion was still called "NewsCenter 8 This Morning."

It lasted until the "ei8ht is News" rebranding in 1995, and the whole show was combined into " The Morning."

Not every Fox station uses "Good Day" in their morning show title. WITI in Milwaukee uses "Wake Up," WHBQ uses "Good Morning Memphis" and WTTG in Washington uses "Fox 5 Morning News."

Anonymous said...

A possible name change could be calling the whole thing F''OX8 News This Morning'' starting with the 5AM show. Lately, Scott has said FOX8 News This Morning starts now at 5AM. It used to be called news at 5AM and 5:30AM(the packaged opening still says it,but not much longer with the new graphics coming)

Anonymous said...

Kenny Crumpton has another news set video on the Fox 8 site and it sure is coming together. I'm glad they have the Cleveland skyline in the background; I liked that old skyline they had on the 6 and 10 set before making it all blue. Should be exciting to see.

Anonymous said...

We'll probably be seeing it very soon. The new et slipped through on Friday morning's news and I saw it today online, after the streaming video they had, they were putting together commercials and one shot was of the new set. There must be behind the scenes dress rehersals going on now, setting up cameras and the cameras must be connected to the main control panel