Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And Tuesday

Here we are, for once, for a second day in a row. Feels like old times, no?

TOLEDO'S HOME OF THE BROWNS: ...is nowhere, at least on the radio.

Some non-radio friends confirmed to us that no Toledo radio station carried the Cleveland Browns' pre-season win over the Kansas City Chiefs over last weekend. Not WTOD/1560, nor any other Cumulus or Clear Channel stations, or...anyone.

And radio sources in the market say the situation is bleak for expecting any station to swoop in and carry the Browns Radio Network rights in Toledo, with Cumulus appearing to have stepped away from the table entirely.

No surprise, here, as we've already delineated what we've heard from other cities - the local NFL team charges a premium to its outside-Cleveland affiliates.

With the last minute nature of the Toledo situation - Clear Channel dropped the games from its WCWA/1230 "FOX Sports 1230" just before the pre-season began - it's no wonder.

If the sister Clear Channel cluster to Oak Tree - which owns the Cleveland rights to the Browns radio broadcasts in a long-term deal - cites "budget reasons" for dropping the games...how is a small daytime talker like "SuperTalk 1560" going to justify paying whatever money Clear Channel would not?

The lack of interest from WTOD's sister Cumulus stations also says a lot.

A number of Toledo market media types tell us that as a result, the Browns are very likely to go without ANY radio affiliate in the Toledo market in 2007.

This is a bad move, for many reasons. In the quest to squeeze out some extra cash, the team and its radio network get NO Toledo affiliate, and NO money or listeners there.

Long-suffering Northwest Ohio Browns fans will have to seek out stations from places like Sandusky or Findlay to hear the games.

Hmm. Findlay.

Isn't that the hometown of Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Rothlisberger? We're told that there's a decent little Steelers fan base in Northwest Ohio because of his role on that team.

Are the Browns writing off the fan base west of Sandusky? (Well, aside from having affiliates in Lima, Celina and Findlay.) Is this move "penny wise and pound foolish"?

While we're on the Browns in Toledo thing, our Browns fans/non-radio-types tell us that the first pre-season game was on TV in Toledo, but it may as well not have been.

It appears that tiny Toledo MyNetworkTV affiliate WMNT-CA/48 "My 58" has picked up the rights to the Browns pre-season games, originated at Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3.

The low-power Class A station is called "My 58" because it is camped out on Buckeye Cablevision's cable channel 58. It's now officially in the hands of Matrix Broadcast Media, Inc., the TV arm of the Cornerstone Church (WDMN/1520 Rossford OH, and former owners of now-K-Love Toledo market rimshot affiliate WNKL/96.9 Wauseon OH)...

RUBBER CITY NEWS: Rubber City Radio news, to be specific.

The news director of the Akron company which owns WAKR/1590, WONE/97.5 and WQMX/94.9, Ed Esposito, sends us along a job advertisement for a news anchor/reporter. We'll presume it's for whoever will replace veteran news anchor/reporter Pat Kennard (see previous item).

We'll get to it in a second, but first, a tip of the hat to the long-time OMW reader for his new off-site blog, in that Blogger neighborhood next to us and WKYC/3-Akron/Canton News' Eric Mansfield.

With the two blogs, you really get an inside feel for local news in the Akron area, and how two of its major news operations cover the news - behind the scenes.

Now, here's the ad:

The News Department of the Rubber City Radio Group has an opening for an experienced news anchor-reporter.

Applicants should have at least three years experience that includes broadcast news reporting and anchoring. A college degree in journalism or communications is preferred but not required. This position also requires knowledge of computer automation for studio production and newsroom systems. Familiarity with web-based content information systems a plus.

Applicants should have a good disposition, be aware of current and topical events and work well with others as a team.

Send airchecks, resumes and writing samples to:

Edward L. Esposito, News Director
Rubber City Radio Group
1795 W. Market Street
Akron, OH 44313
eesposito - at - rcrg - dot -net

no phone calls please

Rubber City Radio Group is an equal opportunity employer.

No word on if Mr. Esposito's pre-hiring ritual includes testing applicants for the ability to pronounce "Plusquellic"...

COMING BACK?: Occasionally, we'll get rumors that local media personalities are returning to Northeast Ohio - after stints elsewhere.

We don't have any details right now, but we're hearing rumblings that one of those returns may be in the cards, and soon.

We'll add more to this item as we nail down the details...


OMWFan said...

WTAM booms in to Toledo, so once all the conflicts with the Indians are done, they should be able to hear the games up there.

And what's this I here about Terry Pluto going to the PD?

JetSet27 said...

Those in and around should also be able to pick up the game on some of the rim-shots from Findlay, Lima, Sandusky, etc.

schafe said...
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schafe said...

It's been my experience that 1100 AM fades badly west of Fremont.

I've always said, '38 states, half of Canada and maybe half of Ohio.'

The station is no more than a rumor in the Clumbus and Dayton areas, too.

The rimshots will work south and east of town, but central, West and North Toledo will be shut out.

Stu Nod said...

Forget Toledo. Tons of Wolverine fans up there anyway...