Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A New Competitor - For Us

Well, we can pretty much blame ourselves.

As it turns out, at least on the radio side of things, we apparently have a new "competitor". A trip to a local message board provided us with a link to "Northeast Ohio Radio Report", which just started up on Monday.

We'll assume that two recent events - our latest hiatus, and the move to close comments to only registered Google users - prompted the new creation. If we may take the liberty of quoting the site:

Yes, the comments sections are open, and we won’t be editing comments…who has the time? Suck it up buttercup, not everybody is always going to like you. We invite your comments/news/rumors/lies to this address.

Best of luck to you, whoever runs this new blog. We are open, and welcome you to the Media Coverage Space in this region.

Just a quick look at the "NEORR" blog indicates that whoever runs it has more time to spin the radio dial around and listen, more time than we have, anyway. They also touch areas we don't generally get into, like more in-depth reports on who's on various morning shows.

And then, there's the whole comments thing. Perhaps their presence will provide this report the opportunity to send commenters there if they don't wish to create a Google login, or if they don't like how the comment section works here.

Anyway, for the moment at least, it appears we serve a complementary purpose. And if "NEORR" supercedes us in readership, maybe we'll head off into the Blog Sunset and join up as a reader and commenter over there.

And if it gains traction, and seems like it's going to stay around, we'll put it up over on the left as a link.

We'll see.

In the meantime, if you're reading this on Wednesday evening, we're preparing a fresh update of reasonable length for Thursday morning...stay tuned!


david5258 said...

welcome back oa. i checked out his blog. he follows your standard of excellence in catching and correcting errors--situation regarding who broadcast the nfl hall of fame game locally. since 1998, its been wcer900.--david5258

Anonymous said...

OMW, Thanks for the mention and to clarify we aren’t intending to be a competitor, more of a picker upper of the smaller scraps. On the record, we bow to your greatness. The comments section is not meant to offer something you don’t. Quite frankly, we realize who more than often lurks in the comments area under blank screen names, and sensing your frustration decided to let them have it and turned off all auto notification.

Good to have you back. We’ll be watching to see how many items in your Thursday update might have been poached from our little site. Remember, if you’ve stolen from us, you’ve stolen twice. ;-)

74WIXYgrad said...

NEORR seems to be opening a pandoras box by saying he wouldn't edit comments. Hopefully that will work for him.

OMW, hope you're rested. I will take down the "gone fishing" on the link at my blog.