Thursday, August 09, 2007

Catching Up From Our Hiatus, Sort Of

OK, so we've been quiet.

We can't guarantee that we'll be here daily (or twice daily, as some hinted, and thank you), but we'll try to be more regular from now on, at least as long as we're around...

TK ON THE MOVE: OMW, kind of late to the party, pointed out the recent end of the relationship between Brecksville-based syndicated music show host Tom Kent and his former syndicator, the TKO Radio Network.

We haven't yet passed along word that two well-known hosts have been hired to take over Mr. Kent's former shows, both with Ohio ties: Marty Thompson and John "Records" Landecker.

AllAccess reported a while back that Thompson takes over weeknight and Saturday duties for "Classic Top 40" and "Hall of Fame Coast to Coast". Marty is best known here in Ohio for stints with both Clear Channel and Entercom in Cincinnati, including at oldies WGRR/103.5, though he has been on a long run in Las Vegas.

Landecker is the iconic Chicago air personality who once did mornings at the old WPHR/107.9 Cleveland, when it was top 40 "Power 108". 107.9, of course, is today's Radio One WENZ "Z107.9".

As for Brecksville's own Mr. Kent, he's back in the trades with an announcement of representation by "Media Arts and Sciences", owned by one David Martin.

AllAccess notes that the new rep firm is going, and we quote, "to help him find the optimum job opportunity".

We're wondering if that phrase means anything - i.e. could Tom Kent land with a singular on-air position in one market, or is syndication still in the cards? That's a question, not a hint.

Still, we hope it's something big. He's talented, and he's One Of Us...

WKDD LIGHTS UP HD-2: Clear Channel Akron/Canton hot AC outlet WKDD/98.1 has, as expected, lit up its HD2 subchannel...which, given the small number of HD Radio receivers out there, may have been done just for us.

No, we're kidding, of course, but those who do happen to be on the HD Radio bandwagon will find "WKDD '90's" on the HD2 side of 98.1's digital feed.

All 90's music, all the time.

Someone had tried to plant a rather interesting rumor into our electronic ears. We got a tip that WKDD's HD2 subchannel would become the latest Clear Channel signal to run the company's "Pride Radio" format...aimed at gay listeners.

The format airs on the HD2 channel of about 20 Clear Channel stations across the nation, but it isn't coming to Akron/Canton as far as we know.

Anyway, "WKDD 90's" is up on the HD side, but we don't see a link to it yet on We presume a streaming audio feed will show up there alongside the main WKDD feed.

Clear Channel's "Format Lab" does feature a new "My 90's" format, though we don't know if the format on that page is the same feed that WKDD's now running on HD2. WKDD, at least, is imaging locally...

WNIR'S MORNING CO-HOST SLOT: We're trying to figure out what Akron market talker WNIR/100.1 is thinking when it comes to finding a new female personality to replace long-time morning show co-host Maggie Fuller, who left the station a month or so back.

Out of the gate, for the first week of fill-ins, "The Talk of Akron" tabbed Sally Ride, an actual broadcaster who was once heard on a number of Cleveland stations (WDOK/102.1, etc.) while working at Cleveland's Metro Traffic operation in the Independence Media Gulch...just down the road from Clear Channel's Oak Tree digs, and Salem's outpost on Summit Park Drive.

Her stint was followed by appearances from a number of women alongside Stan Piatt, Steve French and Jim Midock in morning drive, among them, the owner of one of the station's advertisers (Stow's "Rose's Run" golf course) and Karen Golic, the wife of WNIR afternoon drive personality Bob Golic.

Who's next? We don't know.

But the fewer actual radio/media people are on (yes, we know Karen is on with Bob from time to time, and we think she has some past experience in Los Angeles), the more we wonder..."Akron Idol II", anyone?

Meanwhile, we're also wondering where Ms. Fuller will show up next. We haven't heard any news to that effect, but we'll assume she's out there looking...

IF A ONE-THOUSAND WATT DAYTIME RIMSHOT FELL IN A FOREST...: Speaking of the Brady Lake Media Empire, OMW got a listener "tip" that WNIR's "little brother" sports daytimer - WJMP/1520 Kent "FOX Sports 1520" - was off the air, and has been "since at least Sunday morning".

Before we even read that note, we happened to tune by 1520 well within its broadcast range late Wednesday afternoon - and sure enough, there was nothing but static.

The last time this happened, we put the note up here, and were informed that there was a technical problem that was in the process of being corrected - which it was, a day or so later.

But you can bet that if it was "The Talk Of Akron" involved, it wouldn't be off the air for over four days...


Anonymous said...

"...which, given the small number of HD Radio receivers out there, may have been done just for us. No, we're kidding, of course, but those who do happen to be on the HD Radio bandwagon..."

Who's kiddng ?

Gorlock said...

WJMP was off the air for three days and it took three days for anyone to find out LMAO!