Friday, August 10, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Lynn Kelly To WQMX Middays

This just in:

Lynn Kelly, who has been doing middays at Akron Public Schools non-comm AAA outlet WAPS/91.3 "The Summit", is moving back to the commercial radio dial.

Starting August 20th, Kelly will take over middays at Rubber City Radio country powerhouse WQMX/94.9.

Of course, Lynn is no stranger to that commercial part of the FM band, with a long stint in the very same time slot at Clear Channel hot AC WKDD/96.5-98.1 in the Akron market.

WQMX program director Sue Wilson tells OMW:

She’s a great talent, with a great track record and what’s really cool, is that she has market equity. WQMX is all about being “live and local” so it really works for us Lynn has been a personality in Akron for almost 10 years.

WQMX personality "Ike" was filling in during middays, but has returned to his original role as "Ike The Night Guy".

There's no word what "91.3 The Summit" will do to fill its 12 noon-4 PM slot...


Al said...

Not really breaking news, that has been out there for about 4 days now. You do great work though thanks for the forum.

Ohio Media Watch said...

We've been aware of rumors to that effect for roughly 3 days, ourselves, but we haven't had enough to publish (in our judgement).

Unlike various message boards and the like, we don't put something up as official "breaking news" until, well, it actually happens.

It was made official the afternoon by both WQMX - in notes to us and to the rest of the trade press - and by Ms. Kelly's own on-air announcement at 3:45 on 91.3.

Now, we're not discounting those who put up rumors, especially if they're pretty solid. We've been known to do so ourselves, when we're locked in with reliable sources who give us a heads up ahead of time. We'll hint at stuff and even jump a bit if we're sure about it.

But...this isn't "old" "just officially happened" right before this was posted.

Thank you for reading...we really appreciate all the various viewpoints from the readers!

--The Management