Friday, August 03, 2007

Media Icons And Their Talented Sons

It's no surprise, especially to those who follow the world of "independent" films, that Shaker Heights native David Wain has a new critically-acclaimed film opening over the weekend.

Wain's "The Ten" opens up Saturday at the Cedar Lee and Shaker Square Cinemas locally, and at other locations across the country. It's described as a "far out, raucous comedy", and features stars like Paul Ruud, Liev Schreiber, Gretchen Moll, Wynona Ryder, and Jessica Alba. Wain wrote and directed the film.

Here's an article about David Wain and his films, in Friday's "Plain Dealer". He gained attention for his earlier film, "Wet Hot American Summer", which also screens at the Cedar Lee this weekend.

And by now, many OMW readers have figured out why we're doing a preview of a film premiere.

Yes, David Wain is the son of Norman Wain, a name very familiar to local radio types. The filmmaker's father had a long stretch of radio ownership and management in the Cleveland market at stations like WHK/1420 and WIXY/1260.

We can't help but also think of another filmmaking son of another iconic local media type.

Paul Thomas Anderson is best known in Hollywood as the man behind 1997's "Boogie Nights". But to some folks in Cleveland, he'll always be the son of the late Ernie Anderson, who graced Cleveland TV screens as "Ghoulardi" on WJW/8 long ago...

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