Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Computer Probe Takes WSTB Off Air

Streetsboro Public Schools-owned WSTB/88.9 Streetsboro is off the air this afternoon...for an unusual reason.

The Gateway News, the Record Publishing weekly newspaper serving that Portage County city, reports on its web site this afternoon that something apparently found on station computers has led to the station being taken off the air:

Computers used to run the station have been seized by school officials after inappropriate photos were found on them, according to Superintendent Linda T. Keller.

"We are looking to resolve this situation quickly," Keller said.

The Gateway News reports that the WSTB computers in question were seized Monday night.

It quotes Keller as saying the station will return to the air, but it's not known when. As of this writing, early Tuesday evening, we can confirm that the station is not broadcasting.

WSTB programs a student-run alternative rock music format called "The AlterNation" on weekdays and Saturdays, and carries the adult-run "Sunday Oldies Jukebox" on Sundays...


YEKIMI said...

as of just before 1100 pm they were back on the air

YEKIMI said...

I goofed, they're not back. I was picking up University of Ashland's station.