Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Game Shuffling

An OMW reader passes along word that FOX's coverage of game four in baseball's National League Championship Series will be moved in Cleveland next Monday - to Raycom MyNetwork TV affiliate WUAB/43.

The move is necessitated by FOX affiliate and former O&O WJW/8's local carriage of the ESPN "Monday Night Football" game between the Cleveland Browns and the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

(For those who don't follow NFL rights issues, the league's rules mandate that local affiliates in each of the two "Monday Night" cities can bid to rebroadcast the ESPN game over air. The same rules apply to the other cable/satellite rightsholder, the NFL's own NFL Network, and WUAB will carry the Browns when they appear on NFL Network later this season.)

OMW hears from our reader that "FOX 8" made the announcement on the air during "FOX 8 News in the Morning" today, and we've gone through all the various online TV listing services - which all show WUAB carrying the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Philadelphia Phillies on Monday.

Our reader/tipster asked if the NLCS game will be in HDTV format on WUAB - a question we can't answer yet. We're pretty sure the Browns game will be in HD on WJW, as those games have been before...

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