Tuesday, October 07, 2008

THIS JUST IN: Fogg Heading Back

The budget-driven dismissal of popular Sandusky radio personality Mark Fogg has apparently been undone.

The Sandusky Register reports that Fogg is returning to his full-time job as morning host, program director and sports director at BAS Broadcasting's WLEC/1450 starting today...the newspaper says he'll return to his morning drive show Monday, and get back to his usual work covering high school football starting this weekend.

The Register reports that BAS offered Fogg his old job back. Quoting:

"I'm going back like I've never been gone," Fogg, 54, told the Register Monday afternoon, shortly after announcing his decision to accept the offer. "That was part of the agreement I had with them."

BAS cited the need for cost-cutting a week ago Monday, when it told Fogg that his job was being eliminated.

The move was quite controversial in Sandusky, as the 33-year radio veteran was quite popular. The Register's earlier story on his dismissal is still atop the "most commented" list of stories on the newspaper's website, with over 200 entries...

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