Thursday, October 16, 2008


Another change is about to come to Scripps Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5, though this one isn't being initiated by the station.

OMW hears that "NewsChannel 5" Akron Bureau reporter Jonathan Costen will leave the station in the next couple of weeks, right before the November ratings period.

We're hearing that the decision was Costen's, as he's leaving the TV business for another non-broadcast job he's already secured.

Right now, Costen is the only reporter in the "NewsChannel 5" Akron bureau, as former bureau chief Pete Kenworthy recently made the move to co-anchor the station's "Good Morning Cleveland". Costen started covering Akron news for WEWS in 1999.

(We haven't checked, but as far as we know, veteran photographer Joe McGee is also still in the bureau, which is located at the Akron Beacon Journal's newsroom.)

We don't know who'll be brought into Akron to replace Costen, Kenworthy and/or both...

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