Friday, October 10, 2008


OMW hears that Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 Cleveland "Sportsline" host Kevin Keane has left the building.

We don't know why, but we don't believe his exit was related to anything he did on or off the air. Keane's "Sportsline" page is still up, untouched, at this hour, and "Sportsline"'s other regular host, WTAM Indians beat reporter Mark Schwab, is on the air this Friday evening.

Oh, it's almost anti-climactic at this point...but we've confirmed the exit of Mike Trivisonno's latest regular female sidekick, who was only known as "Chrissy" on the air. We heard a young woman named "Melissa" on the show Friday afternoon, and don't know why "Chrissy" is no longer there.

We'll assume the voice we heard is the Melissa pictured on producer Marty Allen's page of Interns...and for now, we assume she'll continue to be an intern....


david5258 said...

kevin did a tremendous show that was NON sports the other night sbout how ALL of us are to blame equally for the downturn in the economy.
the bsk, kendall lewis filled in for kevin on monday night.
both talented, professional people who both deserve airtime.

Eric said...

I'm sorry to hear that Kevin is gone. He's done a good job for a long time, and I really couldn't comprehend the station allowing Triv to badmouth him constantly. Got a grudge?...keep it to yourself. You're not 12. It's just bad business for one host to bash another, as Triv does with KK and Bob Frantz.

Kevin at times got carried away with his hyeina laughing, talking over people, and not listening to alternate views. In short, he liked to hear himself talk. But no more so than Triv.

If he is gone for good, Schwab is a good host. Please, no BSK or the unbearable (due to his incessant laughing-delivery) Andre Knott. To be honest, stealing Greg Brinda from 850 would be great, too. I always liked Mike Catan on KNR, but don't know where he's gone WTAM needs a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, non-suckup host.

Andy said...

Kevin Keane is awful. The reason Triv badmouthed him because he is a terrible host taking the precious Sportsline name once hosted by Pete Franklin. Keane's show could basically be summarized as this.

Show Following Indians loss:

Show Following Indians Win:

His show was stupid and ridiculous. All he talked about was stupid unrealistic trades where the Indians trade all of their bad players for really good ones.

He's finally gone. I might actually want to listen to WTAM in the evening now when there is no game. It looks like they are keeping Frantz unfortunately, but he might do well in a sports/mixed roll.

I would love to see Mr. Les Levine on the air.

pookeye said...

I dont know he was a good host, it was entertaining to say the least.. i hope they steal greg brinda from knr...

damn this sucks..

nailboy said...

If WTAM states it's the station with all of the balls, they surely don't have any if they can't tell us loyal listeners why they took Kevin off the air. He was a breath of fresh air, and always said it the way it is, true or false. This station changes people like I do my underwear, I hope he heads to KNR. Kevin I'll miss you

Tiger said...

Well, I want to know WHY Chrissy is no longer Triv's sidekick and no longer on WTAM.....somebody has got to find out...she was getting a lot of attention...or was THAT the reason Chrissy is no longer there. Somebody has to know....

MRN said...

How could they get rid of Kevin Keane?!

He was the best thing on that station. Yeah he'd be really up when a Cleveland team won and really hard on them when they lost ... just like everyone in Cleveland! He spoke for the fans, because he was one of us.

If he's gone because of Triv, then the station is spineless. Triv is so over ... 3 hours of listening to fat guy eat.

I hope Keane ends up on 850, with a great morning show, it's really starting to make 1100 look old and boring.

Cleveland deserves better than it's most powerful radio station being controlled by a guy who's always wrong about sports and is always just one hotdog away from having a coronary.

Bring back Keane!

Jerry Schneider said...

Sorry to hear about Keane. I liked the guy. He was thoughtful and knew what he was talking about. We'll miss him up here in VT
As far as Triv, well, I can only say that I'm glad TAM doesn't come in til after 7:00 most summer days.