Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pete Kenworthy's Landing

Earlier, OMW told you of reports out of Buffalo, where WKBW/7 morning anchor Pete Kenworthy was tabbed for a move to the Cleveland market. We just didn't know where he was headed.

We do now.

OMW hears that Kenworthy is headed for Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5. He'll become the Akron Bureau chief for "NewsChannel 5" when he arrives in Northeast Ohio.

Though that bureau at the Akron Beacon Journal has mostly been staffed by Jonathan Costen as a fill-in recently, Kenworthy will be the official replacement for Brad Harvey, who left WEWS for a morning anchor job in Toledo.

Kenworthy's last day in Buffalo is tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Wait a up a morning anchor job in Buffalo to REPORT out of Akron? He must not like shoveling snow.

Anonymous said...

A hint at Racom and WOIO/WUAB's HD news plans:

What’s your schedule for rolling out local HD news across the group?

We’ll start in the more competitive markets. I don’t want to mention them because, frankly, I don’t want to tell our competitors what we’re doing.

There are a lot of competitive markets where HD is hot and one or two of the local stations are converting and we will be competitive in those markets.

It’s not necessarily the biggest markets. Raleigh was one of the first and you know it’s not a very big market. We’ll make sure that we keep up with the Joneses.

So we should expect at least a couple of Raycom stations to go HD this year?

Yeah. A couple of stations will be going this year, in the studio.

Anonymous said...

And Brad Harvey goes:

-Morning anchor, Kansas City to
-Morning anchor, Cleveland to
-Reporting out of Akron to
-Morning anchor, Toledo.

Makes a person glad to be out of broadcasting.

Anonymous said...

It's not just leaving an anchor job in Buffalo - it's leaving an anchor job at the NUMBER THREE station in Buffalo, and leaving Granite for Scripps-Howard. You'd want to leave WKBW, too, if you worked there. (Yes, even to go to Akron.)

Anonymous said...

They might give Kenworthy the (vanity) title of "Akron Bureau Chief" and have him do some weekend anchoring.

There has to come a time when you need to start looking for Ted Henry's replacement, and this may be a start.

Anonymous said...

Let's replace Ted Henry's toupee first, then replace Ted Henry.