Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No, We Don't Know About WMMS

UPDATE 9/5/07 3:37 PM: It would appear from what we've heard and seen, WMMS has excised nearly all mentions of those legendary call letters.

And that means from both the airwaves and from the station's website, which carries this new "100.7"-only logo.

Does this mean anything, or is ' to get a little attention in a stunting fashion? We'll see.

The station also appears to be having some fun with its website playlist.

Original item below...


No, we don't have any information on rumblings of changes at Clear Channel rocker WMMS/100.7 in Cleveland, as hinted in today's AllAccess Net News scroll.

The item points to some imaging adjustments, and seems to indicate a "gold"-leaning playlist today.

Here at the OMW World Headquarters, we haven't heard of any major adjustments to the once-iconic rock outlet.

But local programmers certainly remember the last time someone tried to "adjust" the station known universally as "The Buzzard"...


dave said...


I swear, half of the reason I got in to radio was WMMS. It was a blessing to grow up here when 'MMS was at its peak. You'd show up to a kegger in a field and you didn't need a band. There were 56 cars with all their windows rolled down all blasting 'MMS.

I mean, they even reached the heights that I can remember riding the subway and people spray painted GRAFITTI of "WMMS". It was like .. I don't know .. but it was something else, I'll tell ya that.

I can still tell ya the airshifts 25 years later ..

-Jeff & Flash in the morning

-Matt the Cat (and Coffeebreak Concerts at The Agora, incredibly cool)

- Of course, The Master Blaster in drivetime .. Kid Leo. I mean, you just DID NOT come through Cleveland, OH to play a concert without stopping to see The Kid and talk to him on the air. Period. He was The Greatest of All Time. Hands Down.

-Denny Sanders ("Your host along the North Coast" .. hmm .. wonder where Michael Stanley got that from?)


-BLF Bash in the overnight.

NOW THAT is a a radio station.

When you can remember that from your teens .. THAT was a culturual icon.

Gawd .. just give me a shot to program that thing. Whew. I'd let somebody, seriously, saw off a finger for the chance to program that prestigious calls and frequency.

They just lost it.

They forgot what it was.

They acted irresponsibly with one of the great culture icons The Midwest of The United States of America has ever created.

.. and more than anything else ..

They let people get involved that didn't grow up in Cleveland and know what this city is all about.

The Buzzard?


Friggin' genius.




cmatthews said...

Bo is from Y-town, so he knows about 'MMS heritage.

With that said, having worked for CC, I know that a lot of PD's do as they're told by the Automatrons in the region; ie Gene Romano, and Tom Owens in San Antonio.

If there's to be a FM talker in Cleveland, then look at 100.7 to be it.

It was almost a done deal in 1998 for WMMS to get blown up and become "100.7 KISS-FM". It wasn't originally a stunt. It was the real deal. I was there. Public outcry actually stopped the flip.

With MMS' numbers, and revenue, so could be next.

I'd keep the "Buzzard" logo though. USE it in your favor instead of trying to re-brand 100 percent.

cmatthews said...

Ya know.... Fall book starts Sept 20th. A stunt... or flip... isn't that far fetched.

I like the "song" playing now...

"Your Fun Bags"

OMWFan said...

I don't know if it means anything, but there is a lot of brown and orange on the MMS website, and MMS happens to be the FM flagship of the team (as well as being the FM flagship of the Indians, who air on MMS during Cavs playoffs).

Sportstalk FM anyone?

John said...

There is also no mention of Bob & Tom on the site either.

david5258 said...

quick ck of website thuis am still shows mms text messaging and mms babes as well as bob and tom from 600 to 959--david5258