Thursday, September 20, 2007

What We're Not

OMW gets a lot of E-Mail.

We'd estimate that roughly two dozen items come through our E-Mail account every day. And that's not including copies of blog comments - which used to be a lot more.

Some folks seem confused about who we are, and why they're writing to us. We're a blog covering local radio, TV and other media, mainly in the Northeast Ohio area, with some forays beyond the Cleveland/Akron/Canton/Youngstown axis.'s what we're not.

NOT A SHOW: No, we're not a radio show or station.

We've gotten many E-Mails from folks telling us about something they heard us broadcast. No, we don't have "OMW Radio", and no, we weren't conducting a survey on fast food the other morning.

We can't play your favorite Shania Twain song. We can't do a thing about that annoying caller on talk radio yesterday afternoon. (Or for that matter, that annoying host.)

We don't have a link to the Patriots song on the radio the other day - though we now suspect that was syndicated morning team "Bob and Tom" out of Indianapolis airing the song. (No, we're not connected to the show or any of its affiliates.)

We'll be helpful and pass along your E-Mail and request to the station or show involved, if we can figure that out (we still don't know who was doing the fast food survey).

NOT A PUBLICITY OUTLET: We get roughly two or three E-Mails a week from people looking for us to "spread the word" about some injustice or news item.

We aren't a news outlet. We don't cover stories here, we cover local media.

If you're not able to find the various TV or radio stations that might be interested, we'll be happy to provide you with their contact information - if you can't already find it on their websites or via Google.

But putting the item here? Even if we are read in most TV and radio newsrooms in Ohio, we aren't doing it. This is not a site to advance people's agendas to advance possible news coverage, and we bet if we started running such items regularly, the insiders at local newsrooms who DO read this blog would go away.

We're not your way to get around the "gatekeepers" of news coverage. It just doesn't work.

We'll be more than happy to provide help with stuff you can't otherwise find in a Google search.

But the E-Mail as described above is more numerous than it used to be, so we felt we had to say something...

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