Monday, November 19, 2007

And Still Another Ho-Ho-Ho Destination

Rubber City Radio standards/oldies WAKR/1590 Akron has become the latest participant in the Northeast Ohio Holiday Music Radio Sweepstakes, flipping sometime today.

We particularly like one of the liners we heard today:

"The one time a year you let a fat man down the chimney, and don't call 911. News, sports and holiday music...1590/WAKR!"

WAKR is no stranger to running traditional Christmas and holiday music. But this year, that sleigh is being driven (sorry, couldn't help it) by the station itself.

This is the first holiday season that WAKR is programming its own music, and not taking the satellite feed from the folks at Dial Global/Westwood One. When the satellite feeds change, that basically changes formats for the station, and usually it happens right around Thanksgiving itself - so until this year, WAKR adopted holiday music whenever their satellite provider changed.

Anyway, this year, that means local staffers like WAKR program director/Rubber City Radio operations manager Chuck Collins, Bob Allen, Tim Daugherty and Debbie Golden will provide the wraparound to the holiday tunes - either live or via the magic of computer voicetracking...

1 comment:

Chuck Collins said...


Thanks for the klieg light. We switched Monday at 9am and the calls have run three-to-one in favor. Of course the ones who hate it say they love the station (Oldies) and will be back after the holidays.

Speaking of liners, just wait 'til you hear the oldies T: "We have more Beatles than a Florida double-wide! 1590 WAKR...News! Sports! Oldies!"

You gotta love this silly business