Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WMRN About To Move

By the time you read this, former Marion Clear Channel outlet WMRN/106.9 may be broadcasting as the company's new Columbus-based WMRN at 106.7.

OMW hears that what should be a couple of weeks of stunting starts on the latter frequency on Thursday afternoon at 12 noon.

WMRN's long-time Marion signal at 106.9 went dark earlier this month, nudging the "Buckeye Country" format to WDIF/94.3, known until the move as AC outlet "Mix 94.3". Recent Upper Sandusky move-in WYNT/95.9 Caledonia remains as the cluster's sole AC station, and a quick look at the "Majic 95.9" website shows that it's running Christmas music - like a stocking-load of other AC stations across the country are doing.

The relocated WMRN-FM in the Columbus market will take new calls at some point, kicking WMRN-FM back to Marion for "Buckeye Country 94.3".

The lighting up of 106.7 was expected to happen earlier this month, but it took some time for the way to be legally cleared - and the frequency to become clear after an appeal by translator operator Sandyworld, Inc. That translator has been running a relay of Ohio State's WOSU-FM on 106.7, and Sandyworld was one of two entities trying to block the WMRN COL move.

We've sniffed around the Clear Channel Columbus empire, and we've not smelled anything that would indicate what a permanent format would be.

Not even a whiff.

But if our experience with the company's most recent move-in - Dover/New Philadelphia's WJER-FM 101.7 to the Canton market AC outlet WHOF "My 101.7" - is a guide, expect obfuscation, balls in the air, and all that.

We've learned...don't believe what you hear (or read), even if it comes from a trusted source. We were burned last time, and won't be burned again.

So, if we hear anything about the future plans of new move-in WMRN-FM, we'll pass it along, but with a grain of salt large enough to break into a lifetime supply.

We've obtained a copy of the company's press release about the move, and this line from occasional OMW reader and Clear Channel Columbus operations manager John Crenshaw gave us a chuckle (no, we didn't get it from him):

"Thursday at noon will bring Dublin and Columbus a most unique radio station. If you could just see my tongue pressing firmly against my cheek. And stay tuned for more fun and games in the coming weeks as the 106.7 format is ultimately revealed."

No, we're not laughing at the "tongue in cheek" part or the "fun and games" part.

We're chuckling about the apparent need to identify the station in the release as a "Dublin" station, since that's the new 106.7 community of license.

Of course, the company had to build up the Columbus suburb of Dublin in the tedious and ponderous FCC process of creating a new allocation to one of many suburbs of the state capital... but we'll assume it's safe now not to have to repeat the "service to Dublin" line in a company press release, since the construction permit is already on the books.

At least Dublin has more than a newsletter to parents of middle school children backing it up as a community needing that ridiculous "first service" label...

The full Clear Channel release, which is meant to be spread far and wide, is below...


November 28, 2007

For Immediate Release

Contact: John Crenshaw

Operations Manager

Clear Channel Radio Columbus to add fifth FM Signal

After several years of filing initial FCC applications, WMRN-FM 106.7 will make its debut Thursday, November 29 at noon. WMRN had been broadcasting to the Marion, Ohio market at the 106.9 frequency. Beginning Thursday, WMRN will be broadcasting from 106.7 and will provide radio service to the City of Dublin and greater Columbus.

CCRC Operations Manager John Crenshaw: “Thursday at noon will bring Dublin and Columbus a most unique radio station. If you could just see my tongue pressing firmly against my cheek. And stay tuned for more fun and games in the coming weeks as the 106.7 format is ultimately revealed.”

CCRC Director of Engineering Greg Savoldi: “The 106.7 signal will emanate from Columbus' premiere north side tower site, the WOSU-TV tower at Highland Lakes, Westerville. The FCC classes 106.7 as a B1, as it will radiate 7300 watts from over 600 feet in the air, providing primary service coverage to over 1 million Central Ohioans."

WMRN-FM becomes the seventh station in the Clear Channel Radio Columbus cluster, joining 92.3/WCOL, 93.3/WLZT, 97.9/WNCI, 105.7/WBWR, 610/WTVN and 1230/WYTS. (WMRN-FM’s call letters will change pending FCC approval.)


Todd said...

Not sure if it really makes much of a difference, but technically the 106.7 translator for OSU was rebroadcasting (or licensed to rebroadcast) WOSB Marion, not WOSU-FM Columbus.


Energy said...

106.7 has been playing TV show themes since noon. They are stunting as "TV 106.7", radio no one can agree on. Apparently the translator is or was still on and is blocking out the signal in some areas of town. I will confirm in a few minutes.

Jeanette said...

I've been listening to the "TV radio" for a week now and love's awesome and I've got tons of other people addicted to it too. It would be awesome if it could remain like this for a while.

fishbone48 said...

the TV show theme songs just temporary until they figure out what format they really want to be? I can't believe there would be a market for a station like this....Anywhere.
I've been listening to it for about 10 hours now and it's starting to get old. Isn't there something similar to this on XM radio but with movies?

Energy said...

It's a stunt until the real format starts on Dec 13 at noon.

The Marshall said...

Live in UA and learned of the TV Tunes idea from a copy of the 'Other' paper. I have been listening to nothing else but the tunes since. I realize you probably will change to something else and I will go back to NPR but I keep hoping you will realize what a strong idea you have with the TV theme. I have others also tuned in.
The Marshall

mi said...

What a shame. I only discovered the TV format last night and it's gone. And I hate the new format. Well, at least I got to listen for a few hours, but I definitely won't be listening any more. Yuck.

Kranky said...

The rebroadcast was of WCBE 90.5 in Newark, OH. Needless to say I'm quite disappointed that I can only listen to this NPR station while in Columbus or streaming over the net. Seems it is an College rock/adult alternative station.

CletusLynn said...

I want my TV tunes back! I have been spreading the word about this great NEW station and now it's gone. It was fun to listen and guess what show the theme song belongs to plus remembering all those crazy/cheesy shows we all used to watch. What else is new, ANOTHER rock station... lucky us :(

Nissa said...

I agree, the TV themese were SO GREAT! It was really fun to listen to and remember all the shows I grew up watching. However, I have been listening to the new format and I like it a lot. I will die if we get another crapyy "Morning Zoo" type station with crappy Top 40 music. The songs I have been hearing this week on 106.7 bring back some good memories of me being in my 20s in the early 90s. I love hearing Social Distortion, Blues Traveler, etc.