Friday, April 04, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: KNR2 Files For More Juice

We spent many days back when Good Karma Broadcasting bought the Cleveland station now known as WWGK/1540 saying this: this 1,000 watt East Side daytimer couldn't be owner Craig Karmazin's only plan in the market.

And while things became clearer when Karmazin bought 50,000 watt WKNR/850, there's now a signal upgrade plan for the small station which has become known as "Cleveland's AM 1540, KNR2".

Good Karma has filed with the FCC for facilities changes for "KNR2"...calling for a daytime signal upgrade to 3,000 watts, with 1,500 watts in the "critical hours" period on the edge of sign-off.

However, one important upgrade is not included - there is no nighttime service in the new filing, presumably for many very good technical reasons that don't allow for that (KXEL/Waterloo IA, CHIN in Toronto, etc.).

The application would move WWGK's transmitter site from its long-time home on Euclid Avenue on Cleveland's East Side. "KNR2" would camp out at its "big brother" station's site, the transmitter site long used by AM 850 - even in its days as WJW Radio.

Good Karma plans to accomplish this move by turning the non-directional WWGK into a directional station, which requires the addition of two shorter towers to the WKNR site. This gives it a more centralized coverage area, and allows it to upgrade considering the various other stations on 1540 and nearby in the region.

But the move all by itself would give WWGK some "wiggle room" with two stations it needs to consider now - physically moving it farther from on-channel Beacon Broadcasting gospel WRTK/1540 Niles, and second-adjacent Media-Com sports WJMP/1520 Kent...

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Johnny Morgan said...

I guess this means that Tom Embrescia isn't selling the land to the city of North Royalton for economic development.

There was a story in the Sun Star newspaper about that very issue last June.

The story is now offline. Here's the synopsis:

North Royalton wants to move the old WJW (now WKNR) tower site out of the "downtown" area (Ridge & Royalton, Ohio Rts 3 & 82) and over to land off Abbey Road (which would place them near the WCCD 1000 site).

Odd tidbit: Tom Embrescia STILL OWNS the WKNR tower site, and he wanted an area south of Royalton Road.

The city and Embrescia must have worked something out. Or the city moved on to something else to develop.