Monday, April 21, 2008

TWC Ex-Adelphia Changes Early Tuesday?

UPDATE 9:15 AM 4/22/08: There's a good reason there's a question mark on this item's title.

As below, TWC did indeed move SportsTime Ohio's analog feed from 17 to 76 last night in the former Adelphia areas. There's now a screen up on 17 directing viewers to tune into 76.

As far as we can tell from our vantage point, the rest of the alignment did not happen.

We'll see if it happens tomorrow night.

Our original item is below...


If you believe this notice on the front of SportsTime Ohio's website, the long-awaited Time Warner Cable digital channel alignment will come to the company's former Adelphia (Cleveland-based) customers late tonight into Tuesday morning:

Urgent Programming Advisory

Time Warner in the former Adelphia areas throughout NE Ohio will be moving STO to channel 76 on Tuesday April 22nd between 1am and 6am.

(Thanks to an OMW reader for the tip!)

Though both channel 17 (the current STO channel) and 76 are analog placements, the move of the analog placement of STO is tied in with the overall realignment. The SD digital simulcast of STO will also move, and the HD version will move as well.

This dovetails with rumblings and rumors we've heard, that this would be the target date for the realignment to finally reach north of the Ohio Turnpike in the now-expanded TWC Northeast Ohio region. Akron/Canton area customers who were on the "legacy" TWC system got the realignment some weeks ago.

It also dovetails with the official word we heard from TWC's long-time Akron-based spokesman Bill Jasso, who told us last week that the system was aiming for the realignment to reach Cleveland-area customers by the end of the month....

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ohiobiz said...

Yes, the changes have been made here in South Euclid (former Adelphia system).