Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Sounds" Familiar

So, perusing the AllAccess scroll this afternoon, we see this:

BONNEVILLE INTERNATIONAL launched its highly anticipated station in LOS ANGELES -- as 100.3 THE SOUND --with U2's "BEAUTIFUL DAY." The new AAA format went on the air at 10a (PT).

Hmm. Boy, does that name SOUND familiar!

Yes, that's Bonneville's rocker in Cincinnati, WSWD/94.9. We don't keep very good track of Queen City radio, but we believe Bonneville inherited both station and format there from Entercom.

And of course, 94.9 has done other formats - but we'll have to dig into our archives to get that history.

Evidently, the concept...in whatever form...has been successful enough for Bonneville to clone it in Los Angeles.

We aren't the ones who do detailed playlist comparisons here, so others will have to make the comparison. The Los Angeles "Sound" format results from Bonneville's purchase of the Radio One station there, which had been rumored to be doing FM news/talk...

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