Thursday, April 17, 2008

TWC Digital Realignment Update

An update to our earlier post/question about Time Warner Cable's local digital channel realignment...

TWC's Bill Jasso tells OMW that the cable operator expects to complete the digital channel moves in the Greater Cleveland area by the end of this month.

The cable operator has already put in the new digital lineup in the so-called "legacy" areas in the Akron/Canton region - the systems that the company previously operated before acquiring Adelphia and Comcast's Cleveland area subscribers.

He also notes that another change being experienced - replacement of digital cable box software with the company's new "Navigator" platform - isn't linked to the digital channel realignment process.

Jasso tells us that "Navigator" is being installed, among other reasons, because it's needed for new services like TWC's "Start Over". If we remember right, that's the company's service allowing cable subscribers to join an already started show in progress...


csmcgee said...

Thank you for the updates. I will keep my eyes open!


gbInsider said...

I love Matt!!! He did the warm up/into for Glenn Beck at the E. J. Thonas Show!!! He was sooo good on exposing Mark Dann for the skim Dann was!!!
Eberyome needs to listen to Matt Patrick on WHLO!!!!