Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Number One Asked Question

We wouldn't say we get a flood of E-Mail, but even when we're away, we get a decent trickle.

And the number one asked question of the past few days is:

"When will Time Warner Cable complete their digital channel realignment?"

Those asking the questions, as near as we can tell, are in TWC's "North/Cleveland" territory, otherwise known as the former Adelphia and Comcast system areas TWC acquired some time back. By all we've heard, the former "legacy" TWC systems in the Akron/Canton area have made the change.

We're along with you, and we haven't seen any signs of the change here at our outpost in the former Adelphia region.

We've gotten all the pre-change materials...new lineup cards, letters, and whatnot.

So, when?

Our usual contacts within TWC have been unresponsive, so we have no official word. We've heard rumblings that some expect it done by the end of April or early May, but that's basically a "rumor" at this point.

We will note that last time we mentioned this, we mentioned a technical glitch for some former Adelphia customers - a half-hour of blank video at 10:30 PM after the WKYC/3-produced "Akron/Canton News" at 10 - and that was fixed the next night.

So, maybe someone at TWC will pop up after this, and answer our earlier placed questions about the status of the digital lineup realignment in the Cleveland-area systems formerly owned by Adelphia and Comcast...


Doug said...

The former Adelphia area of Millersburg/Berlin (all of the New Philadelphia area?) was switched over as of sometime last week.

Christopher said...

just wondering when the Copley area will see the realignment?(Copley is part of the old Adelphia system).