Friday, April 07, 2006

Opening Day Stuff

It looks like the weather will allow the Indians to get in their home opener with the Minnesota Twins late this afternoon at Jacobs Field.

As noted, the event prompted something you don't hear a lot of anymore - lots of live and local radio, even blowing out popular syndicated programs. The usual radio battle between WTAM/1100 afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno and WKNR/850's Kenny Roda is happening a few hours early, with first pitch set for just after 3 PM today. Both men are doing live broadcasts...Triv from Gateway Plaza at Jacobs Field, and Roda at Pickwick and Frolic on 4th Street downtown.

WKYC/3 is doing a live, 90 minute pre-game show called "Cleveland Celebrates", before airing the game itself...the first over-air Indians telecast in this market since 2001, when the team left the broadcast airwaves for a cable-only deal. The pre-game is not in high-definition, but the game itself will be.

The pre-game special is also being fed live over the Internet at WKYC's website.

However, the webcast does not work for us on Firefox 1.5 for Windows. (It does on Internet Explorer 6.0.) If you're a Firefox user or anyone else having problems, here's the link to launch the WKYC webcast in a regular Windows Media Player window:

Cleveland Celebrates

You're welcome, Channel 3...


Anonymous said...

I know there a lot of industy types that read this blog. If someone knows or works with Mark Schwab, please tell him to stop yelling and that his on-air personaility sucks. I cannot be the only one who thinks he's painful to listen to. I miss Casey and I wish Mike Snyder would fill in until he returns. Too bad he's busy with basketball. Mark - just because WTAM selected you to do the pre-pregame, it is not validation for your style. But he's kind of like a young, bad Trivisonno. I'm sure he's make some immature comment or yell or if he read this comment.

Big Furry Moohead said...

I doubt TV 3 will thank you. It's a thankless job reporting facts and actually trying to assist people.

Mr Moohead
Host Moohead Radio and all around good cow