Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Warren Will Be STO-ing It On DirecTV

As OMW earlier suspected, the absence of the 444xx ZIP codes on SportsTime Ohio's "You Can Watch Us On DirecTV Here" list was apparently a typographical goof.

The updated list, now on STO's website, includes ZIP codes 44400-44499. Among other places, this includes not only Warren and Niles, but also Newton Falls and other parts of Trumbull County. It didn't make any sense to us that Warren was not on the original list, and Youngstown was able to see STO via DirecTV.

But, as far as we can tell, the 449xx ZIP codes for the Mansfield area are still out of the loop. And from what we're hearing, STO via DirecTV is still "hit and miss" at times even if you're IN the ZIP codes prescribed in the deal...


Anonymous said...

do you work for the Indians?

James said...

he must

that or has an affinity to write about stories that do not get read by indians fans..

oh yeah. what is more lame than an indians fan

someone who says they are a tribe fan

Johnny morgan said...

A JimOhio by any other name is still a Jim.

And I can assure you, No, OMW's presiding editorial contributor does not work for the Indians. I never knew fact reporting could be considered shilling for a sports team.

But what do I know. I just live in Medina County.

Ohio Media Watch said...

OK, JimMedinaOhioUSA12344256, nice double post there.

You know full well that we have no intention on turning this into an Indians blog or even a sports blog.

You also know that the team and its new cable/satellite network and free TV distribution are big media news this week. You may not care, but many others seem to care.

We even helpfully identified the item below this for folks like yourself.

Now, OMW will NOT have you trash the comments here like you've done to two other message boards. Behave, or every single comment you leave here will be deleted as soon as we are notified of it. (And that happens within roughly a minute of the comment being posted.)

If it gets out of hand, comments will be shut down for an indeterminate period of time, roughly coinciding with when you get bored with inflicting the media Internet site readers of Northeast Ohio with your usual routine.

Comments on this particular item are about to be closed.

Thank you.

-The Management