Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random Notes of a Sports Variety

Some more sports media related stuff today...

* This time, it wasn't just DirecTV everyone sharing the televised pain with SportsTime Ohio, as the network went dark as a whole last night for about a half-hour of the Indians' 11-9 loss to the Seattle Mariners. (A running joke we heard with the unscheduled TV blackout - "maybe the Indians won't show TV games when they're losing!")

OMW hears (unofficially) that the feed to STO's satellite uplink went on the fritz. We haven't bothered STO's Jim Liberatore for details, as it didn't appear to be a permanent situation.

The problem even affected the Terrace Club at Jacobs Field, which shows the STO games in HDTV on fancy screens. We heard WTAM's Andre Knott talk about the outage in a sports segment on afternoon motormouth Mike Trivisonno's show this afternoon...which we'd presume means that they're getting the HD feed via Adelphia 798, and not directly from the WKYC control room.

The game eventually came back on, first with silent audio and then in full, and there are no problems so far with tonight's contest with the Mariners.

A side note after listening to Triv a bit today - he compared "our night guy" (Kevin Keane) with former WTAM mid-morning host Jerry Springer, in that "I can't listen to the guy for more than 8 minutes without turning the station". Ouch.

* While we're in STO-land, a frustrated listener outside the "inner" Cleveland Indians TV footprint area has started up an online petition to push DirecTV to add the Indians' TV network to areas outside greater Cleveland/Akron/Canton and Columbus areas.

* It's baseball on FM in Cleveland tonight, as the NBA Cavaliers take over the WTAM/1100 airwaves for a meaningless contest with the New York Knicks. (It might be an NBA by-law to use that phrase in any game where the Cavs have already locked up their playoff position, and LeBron James is sitting due to an ankle sprain...)

The Cavs game pushes the Tribe over to WTAM's overflow station, sister CC rocker WMMS/100.7. But hearing the team on FM isn't new for many in the the Indians have been on 50,000 watt WQKT/104.5 Wooster for ages. 'QKT also carries the Cavs, but they're doing baseball we assume the basketball ends up there on sister WKVX/960.

UPDATE: Well, we would assume, you can see in the comments on this item, it appears WKVX is spinning the satellite oldies tonight and not the Cavaliers...


WIXYGrad said...

Here is your OMW Wooster Report:
Unless Joe Tait is doing an incredible imitation of the Lovin Spoonful, the Cavs are not on 960/WKVX.

For Ohio Media Watch, this is WIXYGrad.

Anonymous said...

Trivisonno should be fired on the spot for such a comment. It's so obvious that he is simply jealous of Kevin Keane--since Kevin possesses actual sports knowledge and isn't a gross pig at the trough on-air, like he is.

TRIV has to turn the channel? Ha! Has he ever listened to HIMSELF? Have mercy, he's a mental midget.

And the hilarious thing is, KK has no idea why Triv suddenly turned on him...and Triv isn't even MAN ENOUGH to talk to a co-worker to work out any problems that may exist. How can anyone have an ounce of respect for a grown-man who still acts like a backstabbling little kid on the schoolyard? Pretty chicken(bleep), if you ask me. Why don't you stand up and act like an adult, Michael? If not, someone: please, put this baby in the corner with a dunce hat.

satanbanana said...

too bad keane really does suck.....

Anonymous said...

At least Triv can listen to KK for 8 minutes. I hear Trivs voice and I immediately turn the dial. Even if it's just on a commercial at 8 in the morning.