Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Going Away (Updated)

Ohio Media Watch is on hiatus, for now.

We appreciate the E-Mails, calls and other support received after we first posted this message earlier today.

This update is just to let you know that yes, we're OK, and there's nothing untoward going on in the life of your Primary Editoral Voice(tm) or any members of the Vast OMW Editorial Staff. We just have to attend to some things away from the MBoF(tm).

(Note to the humor impaired: Please go find someone to help you with our running jokes.)

We don't know how long our hiatus will last, though it's at very least likely to run through early next week. Keep checking here for our announced return.

In the meantime, if we receive word of any major breaking local radio news, we'll immediately pass it along to our good friend Perry Michael Simon at AllAccess. If you haven't signed up for AllAccess by now, you should! It is free, and chock full of radio news.

And thank you again for reading OMW.


Cliff, aka74WIXYgrad said...

Have a good one. If this is the planned for and hoped for move, I wish you well. Thanks for all the information and encouragement you have given me.

Johnny Morgan said...


I hope this isn't the end of the Mighty Blog o' Fun (and Fact), and I concur with Cliff: if this is the mentioned move to greener pastures, may your travels be easy on the ass and spirited in the mind, and God speed.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can take over in the interim? Email you the reports and you post them, OA? Hate to see this go away...but best of luck!!


Geoff said...

OA, don't stay away! Hey...that rhymes. :-) Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for all the good info.