Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random Quick Hits

Just some stuff floating around the OMW Brain (such as it is):

BERNIE, BERNIE: WTAM/1100 afternoon driver Mike Trivisonno has once again managed to make a segment on his show "the talk of the town". Last time, it was an interview with much maligned former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell. Tuesday, it was an uninterrupted 30 minute phone call with a much more beloved former Browns figure, number 19 himself, Bernie Kosar.

We were about to direct you to WTAM's Triv website page to hear the interview, or to the show's podcast, but the audio apparently will not be posted online. A note on the podcast download entry from someone who we assume is Triv studio producer Marty Allen explains: "Bernie Kosar checks in to give you an exclusive on his possible divorce but because of pending litigation i can't include that interview in the hour." Sure enough, the automatic podcast download of Tuesday's hour 1 is just nine minutes long.

Too bad, as it was riveting radio, especially for those who remember Bernie's playing days. And other hours that ARE available feature Triv passionately defending the ex-Browns quarterback, with many listeners E-Mailing, wondering about Bernie's, umm, condition during his call on the show. "He has always talked like that!" shouted Triv in response to those listeners, noting that Kosar was out in public with a number of kids at Geauga Lake during the call.

Some of the clips made it to local TV news outlets, with video available on this WEWS/5 story on, and this story on WKYC/3's website...apparently, the lawyers haven't gotten to them. Our assumption - that Bernie's lawyers asked WTAM to not post the interview, and that Triv acceded to the request due to his friendship with Kosar...

MORE DOVER/NEW PHILLY MEDIA WOES: We already know that WJER-FM/101.7 is in its final months in the Tuscarawas Valley, destined for a spot alongside WKDD/98.1, WHLO/640 and WARF/1350 at the Clear Channel World Domination HQ/Southern Command on Freedom Avenue, with WJER's AM 1450 apparently staying put.

We did NOT know, however, that the Dover/New Philadelphia region has apparently lost another regular media information source.

The Times-Reporter has details on the recent shuttering of local TV programming on Adelphia cable channel 2, which for the past four years has been operated by Tarulli Video Productions...a private industrial video firm operated by former TV-2 worker Tim Tarulli. His company took over local origination back in 2002 when Adelphia shut down its own local production, and the four-year contract just expired.

Adelphia says it still hopes to show "some local events" on another channel, and points to some area high school football games already aired on WIVN-LP/29 (cable channel 99), the Newcomerstown-licensed simulcaster of Canton's WIVM-LP/52. Cable 2's local feed has been replaced by WKYC/3's "NBC Weather Plus"...

GRAPHIC WORDS: While we're electronically in the Dover/New Philly area, OMW hears some folks have complained about WJER's live coverage of a local trial's sentencing phase, which we noted in an earlier item. The complaints stem from some heated in-courtroom language...which the station is apparently airing uncensored.

The coverage of the sentencing of Amanda Bowditch apparently has been heard not only on WJER's AM 1450 (and on the Internet), but on FM was only on the AM/Internet side when we checked in yesterday...


Anonymous said...

was it just me or did bernie sound drunk? Based on his speech, it sounded like he had a few too many and it seemed that he was not completly denying he has problems based on what he said. BTW is his soon to be ex-wife the grand daughter of Art Modell because I thought that is who he married.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Bowditch sentencing via the WJER webcast. While I'm sure it was a boon for the news department, the station was really taking a chance when the victim's family members confronted her. The father straight out called Bowditch an "evil little b___", and that was probably one of the milder statements he made on-air. WJER potted down the courtroom audio a few times, but didn't appear to be using a delay for such utterances.
Who's the rocket scientist here?

Anonymous said...

Ha! I thought that EXACT same thing when I heard it - that he was drunk. Glad to see Triv was a pro through it all (NOT). This is why media people shouldn't have friendships with the people they cover.