Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary to...Us

Today marks the first anniversary of the establishment of Ohio Media Watch.

One year ago today, your Primary Editorial Voice became one of the last human beings on earth to start a blog. (We think even a few cats and birds beat us to it.) Since that modest start on June 26, 2005, OMW has grown by leaps and bounds.

Honestly, we have no idea exactly how many people read Your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). The only number we can go by is the number of hits to the "View my complete profile" page, which is likely not even seen by the vast majority of our casual readers who have no need to contact us. That number, as of today, is pushing 1600.

But the story goes far beyond the numbers. Here at OMW, we are consistently surprised when we find out who reads our little blog.

An example: Out of nowhere, a well-regarded major market programmer outside Northeast Ohio dropped us a note telling us how much he enjoyed reading our efforts here. And that's by far not the first note we've gotten like that. We also get regular public comments from the likes of Cleveland radio veteran Larry Morrow, and former WFHM "95.5 The Fish" morning co-host and local TV personality Robin Swoboda. Again, all unsolicited.

We've also been the subject of long, vehement tirades, and have heard that other media types have called for our virtual head. But other, more enlightened broadcasters at all levels know and appreciate our work here.

Anyway, the point is that we can pretty much safely say that OMW has readers in every major and minor broadcast cluster or group in Northeast Ohio. And probably...many of them, in each location.

The coming year will most assuredly be one of change for us.

We know - the upcoming sale of the OMW World Headquarters in Northwest Akron has become something of a running joke here, but it will be unavoidable for us sometime this summer. (We're what you call a "motivated seller". Very motivated.) We're still likely exploring a departure from the Northeast Ohio area, though that is not certain at this point. And even if we do leave, it would be entirely possible to continue this endeavor using modern technology.

We'll keep you up to date as soon as we know. And thank you for your continued readership and support...


Johnny Morgan said...

Speaking of other media types who have called for your virtual head, what's Mr. "Where Your Opinion DOESN'T Count" WHK PD doing now?

I haven't gotten the obligatory email asking me to call him.

Maybe he got a pen pal. Finally.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary is in order. I really enjoy this blog and in fact it is a icon on my desktop. No really it is ! I ready this blog everyday and I enjoy reading the comments as well. I prefer this over because you keep it honest and fair. I hope this is the start of many more anniversary's to come and congradulations again.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is newer to the area (2 years residence in Wadsworth), and as an individual interested in possibly getting into the radio industry somehow down the road while enjoying working at his college's FM station, I really appreciate the tidbits of wisdom and insight you've shared here and elsewhere. This blog has been in my favorites for some time. Best wishes to you as you continue past one year of blogging and as you consider options for future residence.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone at OMW "Happy Anniversary" I was introduced to the website a couple of weeks ago through Newsradio WTAM 1100's Mike Trivisonno Show (producer Marty Allen made a positive comment on the air) and have been a daily reader ever since.

Thank you so very much. You folks are great.

74 WIXYgrad said...

Thanks for the information you have delivered to my computer.

And thanks for the encouragement you have given me off the boards, and away from the blog.

Ohio Media Watch said...

Wow. This is almost breaking news.

"Big Daddy" Marty Allen mentioned us on the air, and in a positive light?

Do you happen to remember which day it was? We'd love to hear the audio.

We know that the Triv show is aware of us (Paul Rado and Alison in particular, on another board), but we didn't know we rated a mention.

We'd guess that the "positive mention" was nearly immediately followed by Triv shouting it down, but that's our guess.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Keep up the excellent work!!!

Scott Fybush said...

Hey, hey, OA!

Happy first anniversary. It's been a good year - keep up the great work. And you know what? After a dozen years or so, you don't even notice the critics anymore... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary!
I really enjoy your work...hope it's around for many years to come.
I honestly look forward to checking the MBoF every day!
Keep up the good work!

SB said...

Congrats on your anniversary. I check you guys out almost every day.

Xnewsie said...

Congrats on this latest milestone, OA. I appreciate not only your fairness on OMW, but the sense of humor you have while doing it. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Great blog--always enjoy the perspectives from a broadcasting PROGRAMMING standpoint. The links always work, the comments are usually passionate and thought-out, and it all makes for entertaining as well as informative reading. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

"Stumbled" on this site a few weeks back. As a native Greater Clevelander now living in other part of the state (aka "Radio's Black Hole"), I enjoy keeping up with what's going on back home ... and all the "fun and games" that are attached. Congrats, and keep it coming (especially the digs on Roger Dodger at the PD -- "All sports-related real estate, all the time!").

Anonymous said...

Actually, you have readers (or at least, a reader) far outside Ohio (I live in Seattle!), from people interested in the media situation around the whole country. There should be things like this for every state or region in the country - very insightful, informative, and offers a nice perspective. (Yes, I'm aware of Fybush's NERW and the DCRTV site you link to. But NERW isn't really a blog, and DCRTV is just too dense and dry to make sense of, and both are piddling, really.)