Friday, June 23, 2006

Some Early "Opie and Anthony" Ratings

Though we don't yet have numbers out of affiliate WXRK/92.3 in the Cleveland market, CBS has put out some early ratings numbers for morning duo Opie and Anthony in other markets.

And it's easy to see why CBS was quick to put the word out. O&A's May ratings in markets such as New York City (WFNY/92.3), Boston (WBCN/104.1) and Philadelphia (WYSP/94.1) scored solid gains over what was turned in by David Lee Roth in his last month, April. For more complete numbers, check out, and an article by Reuters' Sue Zeidler. (OMW isn't sure we're allowed to directly copy the actual numbers under Arbitron rules.)

Since DLR was basically getting beaten by anything more powerful than a travelers information station in his first month, it's no wonder CBS is crowing about their FM talk morning numbers going UP for a change. You don't take over morning drive radio in one month's trends, but it was good news for them.

We don't have a truck to hold all the caveats we have to give here, so just be aware that:

1) These ratings are being released by CBS Radio to the press.
2) They are just one set of monthly extrapolations out of rolling trend ratings. (That may not be such a bad thing, as we also got early trend numbers out of "Diamond Dave".)
3) The numbers in the Reuters article are 18-34 persons only (though that is a target demo for O&A), and
4) The FMQB numbers include one hour of non-O&A programming in each market, as the duo's CBS Radio show only lasts from 6-9 AM (Eastern).

We did note that some of Roth's numbers in April appear to be at least up some from his horrid January start - though we don't know how much of that was listeners hoping to hear him quit on the air. And the three markets in question, while also basically O&A's largest markets, were also among their most popular cities in the team's previous afternoon drive stint.

If we manage to get ahold of numbers for Cleveland, somehow, we'll let you know...


Anonymous said...

They were up to 5th place behind WENZ (#1), WAKS (#2), WMMS (#3), and WGAR (#4) for Persons 18-34.

Anonymous said...

The above is for afternoon drive btw.

Anonymous said...

how they look against WTAM overall?
I love when Triv gets twitchy.

Johnny Morgan said...

What was 92.3 last trend or book (whichever is available sooner) in PM drive, 18-34?

Anonymous said...

What about the Rover show? That show seems like its tanking big time, and is getting very stale.

Anonymous said...

I think KROCK should drop RMG and air O&A Live in the mornings.

Anonymous said...

Rover had a 22 share of 18-34 year olds in the month of May. He's effectively taken Stern's 18-34 year old audience at this point. It is very far from tanking.

Johnny Morgan said...

Rover's tanking nationally--especially Chicago--but has ALWAYS been big here, probably becasue of his start here.

But leave it to CBS to cut the show rather than move him back here. That's how they work--you know, anti-sense.

Anonymous said...

That will never happen johnny. They will not just boot him completely. With the size audience that he's starting to generate in Cleveland, even CBS isn't that dumb. They need that audience to pick up where Stern left off.

They may dump his syndication, but they will give him one offer... either move back to Cleveland where he has ratings, but with a huge pay cut. Or they will show him the door.

It will be up to rover whether or not he will take that kind of deal.