Friday, June 16, 2006

OFFICIAL: WMMS Morning Team Out, Bob and Tom to Replace

UPDATE 6/16/06 2:44 PM: As OMW first reported, here's the official word from Oak Tree, in a release:


WMMS/Cleveland has added The Bob and Tom Show to its line-up, with the syndicated morning program starting on June 26.

"The show is presented in an unpredictable, irreverent group atmosphere that listeners can identify with, belong to, and talk about every day," said Clear Channel Radio Regional Vice President of Programming Kevin Metheny.

"The Bob and Tom Morning Show is the perfect compliment to the rich heritage of WMMS," adds WMMS Program Director Bo Matthews. "We are committed to bringing the best possible programming to the airwaves each morning and we’re excited to add Bob and Tom to the arsenal of talented individuals that currently make up the Buzzard air staff."

Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold, co-hosts of The Bob and Tom Show, have been established syndicated morning personalities for over 10 years and are on over 150 stations. The four-hour program will air weekdays from 6–10 a.m. on WMMS.


Below is our original report, first anywhere:

As hinted below, OMW hears that it has officially been announced. "WMMS Mornings with Sean, Hunter and Cristi" will no longer be heard on the Clear Channel Cleveland rocker, and starting Monday, June 26th, Premiere syndicated morning team "Bob and Tom" will take the WMMS morning slot...


Anonymous said...

This stinks. The Buzzard was built around "CLEVELAND" personalities, not syndicated fare from Indiana. While the now-departed morning team was too raunchy, surely there were local alternatives for ClearChannel. Let's hope WNCX opts for LOCAL, now that there's a void to fill in that area.

Oh, for the days of Kid Leo, Jeff & Flash, et al. WMMS has become a weak shell of its former-self.

Anonymous said...

I attended Kent State when Bob and Tom were on WONE and I was not too impressed then. Maybe they are better now. This sudden thought into my time at Kent about 10 years ago) reminds me of all the rdaio choices I had. Cleveland and Akron stations along with Y103 in Youngstown, CD 106 (I think it was the wolf) and 106.9. Good Times!

Anonymous said...

IMO A smart move. Sean, Hunter and Cristi were ok. But compared to B&T...not even close. For what the B&T show cost you couldn't get a local show for that kind of money. It's a smart business move. B&T were on WONE/Akron, but not given enough of a chance. Any NEW station/format/show takes 18-24 months to "pop", and that's WITH marketing.

I think B&T will do well on WMMS. Perfect fit. AND Tom Griswold is a native Clevelander (Cleve Hts/Shaker Hts). Also a Columbia University graduate. Not your average radio schlub.

Anonymous said...

This stinks. The local KROGER was built around "CLEVELAND" cashiers and Baggers, not electronic scanners built in Bosie. While the now-departed cashier who added the totals in his head is gone,surely there were local alternatives for Kroger. Let's hope Stop-N-Shop or Lawsons opts for LOCAL, now that there's a void to fill in that area.

Yes the Days of Kid Leo Jeff and Flash are over. In fact they were over before Jeff and Flash even knew it.

I wish the comparisons to the old days would end.

John Myers said...

Ugh, I think they are terrible. Plus I liked the talk/music mix. Too bad they didn't go local.

John Myers said...
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Anonymous said...

I like Bob & Tom...of about 10 years ago. I've caught bits and pieces on 100.9 in Sandusky. I feel that the show has become somewhat of a giggle-fest. It seems like B & T do less and less of their own stuff. It's more of bringing in guests of all kinds, let them do their bits/their stand-up routine while B & T (sometimes forcefully) chuckle away. It's as if "O.K., welcome to the who's stopping by to entertain us today? Oh, well then, bring 'em in...
Are these guys great? YES. Are they past their prime? IMHO, yes.
I also feel like B & T are better suited for a classic rock station.
Then again, they're on 150 stations, so what do I know...can't wait to see the ratings once they sink in.

Anonymous said...

I was in indy for a few weeks and got to here B&T and I'll tell you this its not going to be pleasurable to listen to the radio in te morning any more Thank god for MY ipod. Sean,crisit, and hunter were no Jeff & flash but they had a similar chemistry and presence in cleveland.

Anonymous said...

The Bob & Tom show sucks!
My 80 year old father might like them. Maybe WMMS is going for that demographic. What's next? Lawrence Welk?
They are simply NOT funny, and there is no music. That leaves nothing to keep me around.
I will not be listening to WMMS in the mornings any more. The programming director should be fired!

Anonymous said...

I think this decision sucks, I happen to live in a market were Bob & Tom are broadcasted and that staion never crosses my dial in the morning-I would go directly to the buzzard for Sean, Christi, & Hunter. Maybe the previous show was too raunchy or dirty for others but it made me and a hell of a lot others laugh. I know that I will no longer be listening to WMMS mornings anymore. Give me music and local DJ's to talk about what's going on in the community, not a syndicate. I guess I will change my pre-sets in my truck to anything other than WMMS. Way to go-I am going AWOL from the buzzard army!!

Anonymous said...

When will these radio stations learn that programs that only feature personalities are not going to work? Personally, I think Bob and Tom could be listenable IF THEY PLAYED MUSIC! Nobody wants to hear these guys talking for four hours. In fact, they are syndicated on 106.9 (out of Canton) already. I've listened, and I hate their show.

Bring back the old morning show. Screw Clearchannel!

James said...

My sympathies to WMMS listeners. The Bob & Tom show would be great, except for two things: Bob and Tom. They suffer from delusions of being funny, but their puerile humor, of the sort that most of us outgrew shortly after puberty, is dreck, no matter how much of their own forced laughter they mix in with it.

They are decent interviewers, and the guests are usually very good (save that sometimes they let themselves get talked into having the "Bob & Tom band" bury their fine work in cheesy overproduced arrangments, vide Tod Yohn's original acoustic "Orange Barrels" versus the pathetic, lame version with the Bob & Tom band).

We've all heard enough of Mr. Obvious, Shirtless Girl, ad infinitum et nauseam, to last us as many lifetimes as Shirley Maclaine says she's lived. They were funny in eighth grade. Once.

Anonymous said...

zzBring Back Sean Cristi & Hunter. The Bob and Tom Show Sucks A$$. I don't even want to listen to MMS in the morning any more.