Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ex-WHBCer Back Doing Talk On 1480

This is an odd one for at least two reasons.

We got a tip that this Sunday night, NextMedia oldies WHBC/1480 Canton is airing a three hour local call-in talk show, from 7-10 PM.

Not only that, the host of this evening's show may surprise you: Brady Russell.

Yes, the same Brady Russell who was let go from sister AC outlet WHBC-FM/94.1 "Mix 94.1"'s afternoon drive show just over two years ago for his on-air comments related to protesters at the second inauguration for President Bush.

Quoting Russell in the 2005 article by Canton Repository entertainment beat writer Dan Kane:

“I suggested humorously that some harm might come to some of the communists and anarchists who were protesting at the president’s inauguration,” he said.

“I fall on the conservative side of the line. It had to be someone left of center who complained.”

Sunday night is not exactly prime radio time for a local talk show. Even Akron market talker WNIR/100.1, which has an extensive local talk schedule, is not live and local on Sunday nights.

We can't help but wonder if this is an audition for a regular weekday program.

For one, we've heard all those nagging rumors we've passed along to you - that WHBC's AM side has been trying to find its way to a post-music future, and has kicked around changing its format to talk.

One obstacle, we keep hearing, is the lack of decent syndicated talk radio product on the market. Nearly all shows even remotely worth considering are tied up, many of them by Clear Channel (WHLO/640 and WARF/1350 both claim Canton rights to syndicated programs) and even by crosstown talk/religious WCER/900.

There isn't much left on the syndicated talk plate for the folks at 1480 to pick up. Perhaps the highest profile talker not cleared here in Northeast Ohio is Jones Radio's Neal Boortz, and the menu offerings look pretty slim after that.

But if they're looking to mount a talk format, presumably conservative, wouldn't bringing back a guy they let go for being too controversial in that very same vein be an interesting move?

We have no idea if there is any plan for Mr. Russell beyond tonight's show.

And so far, from the bit we've heard (WHBC's signal aims nicely north out of its nighttime transmitter location, so at least we can listen to a weak signal), he has been talking about relatively tame topics like plans for downtown Canton, and people finding jobs.

That last one is a topic Brady knows about personally - since leaving WHBC-FM two years ago, he's apparently been working at a staffing agency as his "day job".

We'll be listening, and trying to figure out more...


Anonymous said...

I almost thought the legendary Bob Gilligan was coming back to 1480 AM to host Viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Brady doing talk what a snoozefest who's next Jim Albright?

Anonymous said...

there's a talk show on KISS FM right now, "Dawson McAllister Live"...surprised you haven't covered this OMW. Who is this guy?

Ohio Media Watch said...

That show is a syndicated show airing Sunday nights on many top 40 outlets. We believe WAKS picked it up a few weeks ago.

Here's a snippet from his site aiming at new affiliates:


Dawson McAllister Live is a call-in show designed to meet the needs of teenagers and young adults. Those 25 and younger call to talk about their lives deepest needs and issues, such as broken families, abuse, depression, addictions and suicide. Through talking about these deeply emotional issues, listeners can find help and hope in their lives’ darkest times.

Not only does Dawson offer help on the air, but he also provides the off-air HopeLine, a confidential “let’s talk” line where people of any age can find answers to their problems in a one on one setting with a trained staff member.


We believe the show started as a show on Christian stations, and has taken a more secular approach as it's expanded into mainstream radio. The affiliate list has a whole bunch of large market top 40 stations.

Mr. McAllister is based in TN.


collegedj86 said...


Dawson McAllister Live is also heard on WEXC "Freq 107" in Greenville/Youngstown on Sunday nights.

If I remember correctly, McAllister used to host a show under a different name that did on-air counseling similar to his show now, but also played some Christian rock music. The name of the show escapes me though. I used to enjoy listening at times.

Anonymous said...

You're RIGHT, collegeDJ!

He alway would rip on MOTLEY CRUE! Who ran that back in the late 80's in NEOH? I know it was a christian station but the station/frequency escape me at the moment.

Doel Jenver said...

WAKS has also brought back OPEN HOUSE PARTY on Sunday nights.

(defunct Cleveland CHR WPHR/Power 108 was one of the first affilicates of the Saturday night version of the show back in the late 1980's.)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Jim Albright?

Anonymous said...

Top-40 KISS-FM is airing a talk show by a Christian broadcaster.

Are they "buying the stairway to heaven"?

Anonymous said...

WNIR should bring back the Dating Show with Jim Albright

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of other major market CHRs running the DM Live show.


Wouldn't count on this being KISS's entry into competition with the Fish full-time by any means. LOL

Neil in Radioland said...

(quote) >Perhaps the highest profile talker not cleared here in Northeast Ohio is Jones Radio's Neal Boortz, and the menu offerings look pretty slim after that.

(end quote)

Does Mark Levin have any outlet in this part of the world other than WJR?

Anonymous said...

albright had no ratings at wnir same ole boring stuffwh

Anonymous said...

Is that why he was at WNIR for years and years? :)

Anonymous said...

Does KISS running that talk show cover their Public Affairs requirements? I've never heard the show. is it a "Viewpoints" or "Master Control" type of program?

Anonymous said...

Wonder who is auditioning for a talk slot this Sunday night? HMMMMM. Tune in and see.

Anonymous said...

When is WHBC going to stop experimenting with a new format--and just change over and be done with it? Going all talk on Sunday night is fine and all..but when is it going to happen M-F? What are they afraid of?