Monday, February 12, 2007

Radiothon Hits New Record

The folks at Clear Channel's Akron/Canton Southern Command pass this along:

The 8th Annual "Have a Heart - Do Your Part" Radiothon on hot AC WKDD/98.1 over the weekend broke a record. The total raised for Akron Children's Hospital this time around: $858,376.98.

The money raised includes over $141,000 raised by some 1400 "Change Bandits", who have spent the past few weeks collecting spare change for the effort.

Congratulations for a job well done. And, for the folks who don't believe Clear Channel and other major corporate radio players can "do anything right", we say it's heartening that for at least three days, one of their stations played a major role in bringing in this kind of money for a very worthy recipient...


74WIXYgrad said...

Many members of my family have gotten treatment at children's hospital over the years. I say job well done folks!

VODood said...

It's not Clear Channel. It's the local managers who screw things up.

I've worked for CC in two markets. Always comes down to the local managers.

I will say that the :05sec "adlets" and "blink" ads are about the WORST thing for PROGRAMMERS to deal with. Horrible radio.

"LIM" pertaining to imaging is stupid as well. For spot loads, great idea. Not for imaging.

CC is better than a lot of companies out there. Pros and cons to all, but in the overall big picture, CC is much better than most.

Anonymous said...

you need RATINGS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey OMW!

What happened to the "voice of Fox 8" that said "now broadcasting in HD" and "you're watching Fox 8 news in the morning?"


Anonymous said...

"CC is better than a lot of companies out there."

What fantasy world are you living in?

"It's not Clear Channel. It's the local managers who screw things up."

Well I partly agree there. KK is a rabid screwup.

"CC is much better than most."


Creep Channel said...

I would guess the number given by CC was grossly inflated and the amount of pledges actually given was much much less.

Someone from CC wanna pony up and provide proof they raised that much money?

Anonymous said...

That number doesn't come from Clear Channel. They have nothing to do withe counting the money. If it is inflated it's done so by Akron Children's Hospital.

I forget, how much has Rubber City, Next Media and WNIR raised for Children's Hospital? When was the last time these greedy companies altered 3 days of programming just to raise money for a charity?

Anonymous said...

It is just kind of fishy that as of 6 PM Sunday, the total raised was roughly $530,000... By Monday, the total skyrocketed by $300,000. That's all I'm sayin!

Johnny Morgan said...

I cannot believe what I'm hearing.

Are these commenters so malignant towards Clear Channel that they doubt the figures for money raised for a charity?

Do they really think so little of Clear Channel's local operations that they would be morally bankrupt?

It's charity, folks. If the number released is $800,000, that's what the hospital's getting.

How much did you pledge?

These questioning comments and the lack of moral faith (or is abundance of moral superiority) is somewhat sickening.

Anonymous said...

See for yourself...

Anonymous said...

"Well I partly agree there. KK is a rabid screwup"

Please site some examples.
It's snowing.We're bored and could use some entertainment.

Enlighten us...

Anonymous said...

Get back to work KK. Shouldn't you be busy promoting the two new stations in you cluster, pressing a button in Selector, or firing more employees from Rock 107? Its snowing, I'm bored, enlighten me!

Anonymous said...

I'm not Keith...Just another interested observer awaiting your words of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The Rubber City Radio Group does do charity events and other local community just don't hear them thumping their chests and screaming about it.

Anonymous said...

Kieth Kennedy is busy eating at the local steak and shake to answer right now

robmackenzie said...

To quote:
Anonymous said...
It is just kind of fishy that as of 6 PM Sunday, the total raised was roughly $530,000... By Monday, the total skyrocketed by $300,000. That's all I'm sayin!

2:08 PM

To clarify.
That $500,000 number is from Saturday night at 9pm.
We didn't role a new number until 9pm Sunday.
Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Both Rubbercity and Clear channel do wonderful community service.

Rubbercity has the tree of lights, pet days, stuff the trucks etc.

CC does Radiothon, Long Haul against hunger, etc.

I don't think either thumps their chests too loudly, but lets be honest..thats the idea. If a radio station did an event and got no pub...what's the point? Helping your fellow man is fine and will earn you a spot next to St. Peter but no ratings. The better ROI for radio is the woman who walked 2 miles in the Breast Cancer walk because her mom died two years ago. She wrote down station WXYZ in her arbitron diary because they took the time to show up to something close to her heart.

Anonymous said...

I don't visit here often and I post even less but give me a break...I'm actually dumber for having read this whole thread. Enough is enough. Congrats to Clear Channel and all the other radio properties who support their local non-profits. Why must everything be criticized?

Anonymous said...

The number was over a mllion, but KK ate some of the money.

How much do you think KK or KH donated? I say none! Not true? Prove it.

Children's Hospital should buy KK a treadmill.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we getting just a wee bit off the subject here?! OMW put's up something good, and now the trolls are attacking people! Grow the hell up!

Anonymous said...

Oh for f**k's sake, get OVER it!

I can't believe there are people out there that are such scum that they question such a wonderful cause like this!
I suppose "KK" stole half the food donations in their Long Haul Against Hunger around Christmas too.
Grow up!!

Anonymous said...

Not to name names, but I'm sure the 'troll' is either a former WRQK night jock or an Alliance PD or morning "talent".

Why would KH donate? Its not his station! He probably has nothing to do with WKDD!
Did you donate, smart guy?
"I say nope!"

Anonymous said...

I suppose "KK" stole half the food donations in their Long Haul Against Hunger around Christmas too.
Grow up!!

Well, since you mention it.... KK hasn't grown up. He has grown out.

They should concentrate on their new station Rock 107. The new Program Director has done nothing to make the station better. As a matter of fact, it sounds worse.

Anonymous said...

You are sure? How? The magic 8-ball you depend on to make "management" decisions?

I can see why you are jealous of a cetain Alliance station, since they kick your butt on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

And I suppose continuing to allude to KK's weight and poke fun at it makes you REAL 'grown up' and mature.

Snow day and the kids are playing on the PC!

Anonymous said...

This thread has turned into another prime example of why OMW should completely get rid of the comment section! Let OMW give us the news, while radio-info can remain a place for the CHILDREN to play and fight!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of you are childish and either extremely jealous or extremely stupid. I'm guessing both.

I personally heard a few hours of the radiothon pay for play last week and the finalie Sunday Night. KK made a donation, IIRC it was a 100x12.($1200)or a $50x12 ($600) He challenged Matt to make the same.
Just a guess on my part, I'm sure the CHMC staff would not let it slide by.

During the radiothon Tim from WONE was at the hospital and his daughter was mentioned on the air several times.
That is two different radio stations coming together for a common goal.

Ohio Media Watch said...

Thank you, Chuck.

And now that the deceased equine has been flagellated beyond the point of recognition, we're closing comments on this item.

--The Management