Sunday, February 25, 2007

February Can't Leave Soon Enough

As we look forward to March, and the eventual return of Spring to Northeast Ohio - which is usually closer to mid-to-late April in actuality...

SOME PRE-WKNR FLIP ITEMS: As Good Karma sports talk WKNR/850 becomes "ESPN 850", and sister WWGK/1540 becomes "KNR2", we have some related and semi-related items.

First up is a directly related item: Akron Beacon Journal sports/media columnist George M. Thomas' take on the situation, in an article in Saturday's ABJ.

The article is a pretty comprehensive take on the changes, which you've all read about right here. But unlike some other media writers in the past, Mr. Thomas actually reported this story first-hand...OMW hears he was in the WKNR studios Friday afternoon during owner Craig Karmazin's appearance on afternoon drive host Kenny Roda's show.

Karmazin tells Thomas in the article, like he told listeners on the "Saturday Morning Sports Show", that he is looking to increase the diversity of the station's on-air lineup. The question usually got posed by callers Saturday attached to the name of former WKNR host Kendall Lewis, who will appear in that very time slot next weekend.

Questions about Lewis, and about occasional WKNR fill-in Les Levine, usually elicited a positive response from the station's owner. But Mr. Karmazin pointed quickly to not-so-good research results when asked about another former 'KNR staple, Bruce Drennan.

Don't expect to hear Mr. "I Lovvvvvve Ya, Cleveland!" on AM 850 (or AM 1540) anytime soon.

But it's not like that many were clamoring for our time checking in with most of the "Saturday Morning Sports Show", we only heard Drennan mentioned about two or three times. Even former 'KNR host Geoff Sindelar, who swore off full-time radio work years ago due to his business interests, got mentioned more...

SPEAKING OF BRUCE: Mr. Drennan gets name-checked by the Beacon Journal's Sheldon Ocker in Sunday's paper.

And though we'd nearly bet the farm against him returning to his former radio home, it looks like Indians-owned TV outlet SportsTime Ohio may pick up Drennan when he's available to work.

Ocker writes:

Ever since last fall, there have been indications that the Indians would hire Bruce Drennan to host a talk show on the team's television network, probably in the afternoon.

Of course, we're not just pulling stuff out of the air when we say "available to work".

Ocker says that Drennan reportedly will be released Friday from a five-month prison sentence in West Virginia for that tax evasion case related to the host's admitted gambling on sports.

The fact that his prison time is linked to tax charges, and not sports gambling charges, apparently removes the stigma from his potential employment by, umm, the network run by the city's Major League Baseball team.

And though he's still going to be under house arrest for another five months, Ocker says Drennan "might be" allowed to leave home for work.

Ocker stands up for Drennan's chances, saying he's "served his time" and should be able to make a living in his chosen profession.

We have no problem with that, personally. If someone wants to hire him, who are we to stop them in righteous indignation?

The tax/gambling case was never our problem with Mr. Drennan. We, too, believe in "second chances".

We're just not huge fans of his style, to be honest. But we'll still tune in from time to time if he shows up on STO - though we'll hit the remote instantly if he starts singing show tunes...

BARACK-O-MANIA: The Monday evening rally in Cleveland for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is apparently a big enough deal for Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 to cover

The station has run promos all weekend for their "live, team coverage" of the Obama rally at Cuyahoga Community College's eastern campus. WTAM's promos say morning drive host Bill Wills will co-anchor the coverage with mid-morning talk show host Bob Frantz.

Hmmm. Now that's a combination!

We haven't heard Frantz's take on Sen. Obama, though as a pretty straight-ahead conservative, it's hard to believe Frantz would be in Obama's corner.

It'll be interesting to hear how Mr. Frantz handles his role Monday night...

FUNERAL COVERAGE: Cumulus talk WTOD/1560 "SuperTalk 1560" Toledo program director Chuck Matthews passes along word that the station will carry live coverage of the funeral of slain Toledo police officer Keith Dressel.

WTOD starts its coverage at 10 AM Monday.

We don't know if WTOD's competition, Clear Channel talk WSPD/1370, is also carrying the funeral live. But, a number of items about the story are on morning host Fred LeFebvre's website, so we're sure they're talking about it...


Anonymous said...

Darn I hope Brennan doesn't get hired, never can tell if I blew a speaker cone or if it's just his voice that sounds awful.

Anonymous said...

I love Bruce Drennan and listened to him every morning prior to WKNR going syndy in the AM. Bruce knows his stuff and is not afraid to speak it, which is what I--as a sports fan--want. He would be a great asset to any station; his listeners are loyal.

To even try saying that BSK or the windbag Sindelar were "mentioned" more often in CK's "research" is laughable. Those two has-been, never-was guys have no place on a progressive sports station. They're ancient and well-forgotten history. Bruce, however, is a legend in this town (as well as in his own mind, which is humorous). How great would it be to have him back on WKNR mornings, so I could again listen! Til then, tho, it's The Big One.

radio insider said...

The last anonymous hit it on the head. Bruce Drennan is a Legend in his own Mind. Three Cheers to Craig for realizing that Bruce Drennan has had numerous "second chances" everywhere he works he seems to have problems with either the management or his own ego getting in the way. It is time for somebody else to be given a chance in Cleveland radio. If you want a veteran voice why not Les Levine or Kendall Lewis? Or give somebody else a chance that we have not heard? The dumbest thing in that Ocker article was that the only thing that Bruce Drennan knows how to do is talk sports. Well if it means putting money in your wallet you better be willing to do whatever job will hire you. Bagging groceries,selling timeshares etc etc. Thank you Craig Karmazin for not putting Drennan on your station.

Anonymous said...

I'll like Drennan..and the points

VODood said...

RE: WTOD and the Dressel Memorial Service broadcast.

WTOD/Supertalk 1560 carried the broadcast live 11am-1pm, commercial free. Cumulus was the only radio broadcast group to have vehicles on site, and to carry audio teched by their personnel. Cumulus also provided the P/A audio to the overflow areas for those who could not get into the church. WKKO's Cliff Smithers and WQRN's Ric Herrold provinding commentary when appropriate.

Clear Channel's heritgae talk, WSPD/1370, carried WTVG/ABC13's feed 11a-12n. Nice local radio. WSPD cut away to join Rush's feed at 12n.

Anonymous said...

anyone else hear the rumors that Maxwell is going to mornings at Project 96-1 in Atlanta?

Anonymous said...

Bill Wills is an a**. On the Obama live event, he said that George W Bush was so good that he should stay another 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Bruce had such a nice career going, why would he go getting involved with gambling rings and such? Pookie and Maudie would be appalled. Live straight, big guy...and I hope you return to the airwaves soon where your sports takes have always been spot-on. (Except for that infatuation with Robbie A.)

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Drennan only even HAD a career going so he could cover his a$$ with the IRS.

He had been making his real money off gambling for YEARS, and only had the radio job as a front to account for all his stuff.

He had rolls of bills big enough to choke Bartolo Colon every single day, and they weren't from his radio paycheck--trust me.

It's a fact.

Anonymous said...

I guess no one can remember back to a time on the old WBBG when someone claiming to be Phil Seghi called Drenna with a fake player trade. Drennan excitedly ran with it, bragging that it was revealed first on his show. He was gone from WBBG's air soon thereafter.

He certainly didn't impress enough people when he was paired with Joe Tait doing the Indians games on WUAB.

And his time as host of Sportsline was quite limited.

How were Bruce's ratings on WKNR's morning drive? Better than the legendary Eddie Mularz?

alan pryor said...

Let's remember Don Imus and his drug abuse problems. Today he is about the only money maker on MSNBC. Remember Gary Dee. I cannot count the number of second chances Gary was blessed with despite his domestic abuse problems. Bruce has served his time and deserves an opportunity to re-build his career.
Who among us is willing to cast the
first stone ? A. Pryor