Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Up From The Minors

The long-time play-by-play voice of the AAA Buffalo Bisons is following a number of players for that Indians minor league team, and is moving up to the major leagues.

Bisons' radio voice Jim Rosenhaus has been named as radio pre-game host, and producer/engineer, for the Cleveland Indians Radio Network broadcasts - which originate at flagship station Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100.

The position had been advertised as an opening for some time.

OMW believes that it's a new hybrid position, and doesn't affect current Indians Radio Network staffers like WTAM Indians beat reporter Mark Schwab. Former Indians radio voice Matt Underwood, who did the network pre-game last year, is in the TV booth at SportsTime Ohio this upcoming season.

We don't know if Rosenhaus will play a role in WTAM's "Tribe Insider" pre-pre-game show, which was long hosted by sportscaster Casey Coleman...who passed away last year.

Rosenhaus tells the Buffalo News:

"If this job wasn't with the Indians, I don't know if I would have had as good a chance. No question, over the years I've developed relationships with people in their organization who came through Buffalo and helped me a lot."


Anonymous said...

"Of course, long-time voice Casey Coleman's death last year is a big factor in this mix. This will be the first year that the Tribe's pre-game show won't feature Casey's booming voice hosting it."

Matt Underwood hosted the pregame for The Cleveland Indians Radio Network. He has now moved to TV.

I believe you were thinking of Browns coverage.

It'll be interesting to hear the new guy. Underwood was fairly good at what he did.


Ohio Media Watch said...

OK, I think the problem is that Casey hosted the WTAM-only "Tribe Insider" (or whatever it was called, we forget), which aired a half-hour before network pregame.

That's what we're thinking of here.

OMW has no idea if Rosenhaus is involved in that program.

Ohio Media Watch said...

We have fixed the item to clear up our own recollection. Thanks!

-The Management

Anonymous said...

I never quite understood the point of two pregame shows before the Indians games. Now that Casey is gone they should let the first pregame show end.

Anonymous said...

Mark Schwab did the "Tribe Insider" show during most of last year, so he will probably become the permanent host this year.

As to why Insider exists, it was designed as a WTAM only show when they got the rights back from WKNR in 1998--to give "in- depth insider information" and to give Triv a "talking baseball" segment to put him over as a "baseball expert".

It is much same way they put him on the Browns Pregame Show to push him as a "football expert".

Anonymous said...

OH damn Youngstown is the new Erie PA:

New Owners of WYTV, WKBN/WYFX
On Track to Consolidate Operations

Feb. 7, 2007 4:02 p.m.
By Andrea Wood
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The company that is acquiring WYTV is closely affiliated with the company that is acquiring WKBN-TV and its sister station WYFX – and that association likely will mean a sharing of broadcast operations that could drastically alter the way all three stations do business. [MORE]

Anonymous said...

New owners of 2 local TV stations may share. Is this legal?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Andrea Wood wrote that YBJ article. I remember her anchoring WYTV newscasts in the 80s. Do your homework...WYTV has produced quite a bit of talent that has moved on to the big far as local TV is concerned.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Rosey will be involved in Tribe Insider, just like Underwood wasn't involved with the show.

I always liked TI. It's for the most part a promotional 30 minutes for the station's Indians coverage.

The foramt for Tribe Insider was to give the listener what Indians Warm-Up didn't.

Face paced commentary (or slow in Triv's case) with highlights and sound.

The two shows together give you a great one hour lead-in to the game.