Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Alice Weston

We'd be remiss in our role as a site honoring local media history if we didn't mention the passing of Alice Weston on Tuesday.

Generations of Cleveland TV viewers - and we mean literally, generations - watched Alice Weston on local TV. In her 50-plus year career, which took her to pretty much every local TV station, Alice was a true fixture of this TV market.

She was a pioneer, as well...becoming the first female TV host in this region when she joined WEWS/5 just a year after the station hit the airwaves.

After a stint in Pittsburgh in the 1960's, Weston returned to Cleveland, where she ended her TV career in the mid-1990's at WKYC/3...at the age of 86. She died at her Sheffield Lake home at the age of 95.

OMW reader and regular tipster Nathan Obral tells us that Weston, a long-time Lorain County resident, was also one of the first announcers for Elyria's WEOL/930 and its FM sister station, which is still co-owned as today's WNWV/107.3 "The Wave".

Her first station, WEWS, weighs in online here...and WKYC.com has an item here...


MIKE YOUNG said...

I remember Alice back in the day on CH.43 with her public affairs program and then her last run at CH.3 ALWAYS A TRUE LADY WITH CLASS,YOU'LL BE MISSED AND GOD BLESS YOU ALICE.

Anonymous said...

I mostly associate Alice Weston with WUAB Channel 43.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Alice did join WUAB when the station signed on in 1968. She contributed Lorain-related news and features (to furfill the Lorain COL, IIRC, there was a small remote studio WUAB used from downtown Lorain fed back to the Day Drive studios) for many years.

- Nathan Obral

Anonymous said...

As an ex-Pittsburgher, I remember Alice Weston for her daytime ladies' chat show, "Luncheon at the Ones," for WIIC-TV, Channel 11 (hence the program title) in the early- to mid-1960s. A program format and personality style that now are both long gone.

Anonymous said...

Hope she's spending some time now with Ms. Fuldheim.