Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dayton Radio News Opening

As part of our ongoing service to Ohio's broadcast community, OMW runs - free of charge - both Help Wanted and Situations Wanted advertisements as part of the regular run of this blog. Here's one of the former... a full-time news opening at Dayton's news/talker, Cox's WHIO. Thanks to Nick Roberts for passing this along!


Cox Radio AM1290 and 95.7FM – News Talk Radio – WHIO in Dayton has an opening for afternoon news anchor.

If you are one of the great talents that have been recently displaced in the Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus areas – this might be the dream job.

We have recently added a 50,000 watt FM simulcast to our already highly successful AM signal. It’s a big station in the market and we take our talent seriously.

The hours are excellent, 10:45AM to 6:30PM Monday – Friday. No weekends except in rare situations. If you love being in the middle of the fast paced world of breaking news – this will be a fun situation.

The salary is great and the Cox benefits are incredible, the best in the industry. Cox Radio is a destination.

Duties include:

- Anchoring fast paced upbeat half hour newscasts with lots of sound and voices
- Voicetracking weekend shifts for our Country sister station WHKO

What am I looking for?

- News experience not necessary.
- Someone who has a passion for current events.
- A talent who likes being in the middle of a high energy fast paced environment.
- Someone with a contemporary style and delivery, but command of a microphone.
- If you’re already a Fox News junkie – and have history in a music format, you might be right for this job.

I am looking for a very short sample of your voice. Please email this to Please keep files as small as possible. I am not accepting calls or emails at my normal address for this position.

Old fashioned T&R to:

Nick Roberts
Operations Manager
Cox Radio Dayton
1414 Wilmington Ave
Dayton, OH 45420

Cox Radio is an equal opportunity employer.


Ed Richards said...

RE: The WHIO afternoon news anchor opening.

"No news experience necessary"


He IS kidding, right?

Please tell me that was a just a joke.

Neil said...

Off topic, but while we're on the subject of Dayton, it might be worth noting that Dayton local talk host Mike Scinto got some national exposure when he subbed for Mike Gallagher the last week in December.

newsnomore said...

Boy, those are the kind of jobs I wish were available when I was in college!!!!