Saturday, January 06, 2007

UPDATED: WEWS Confirms HD News, "Circle 5" Logo

UPDATE 1/7/07 1:25 PM: WEWS confirms the HD newscast launch we've been reporting here for some time, starting tonight. (We hear that the 6 PM newscast may be the first in HD.)

From the item on

On Sunday night, Jan. 7, legendary WEWS NewsChannel5 makes Cleveland the nation's most advanced high-definition (HD) television city in America.

Cleveland will be the first city where its top three television stations broadcast their local news in HD. NewsChannel5's launch will include exclusively HD weather and expand the station's HD programming to the most available on Cleveland television.

The station has also unveiled the new logo we spotted in the original report below this update.

OMW regular reader/tipster Nathan Obral points out that it's a slight, more angular retake on the original "Circle 5", which is in use (pictured at right) at NBC affiliate WPTV/5 in West Palm Beach FL.

To us, the new WEWS logo almost conjures up images of the "ABC Circle 7" logo used at many ABC-owned major market stations.

The original item is below...


One day before Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5 is reportedly set to launch its local news in HDTV, we believe a new graphic slipped through the cracks.

On Saturday night's "NewsChannel 5 at 11", viewers saw a different graphic for the "Power of 5" doppler radar during meteorologist Jason Nicholas' weather segment.


Is that the old, familiar "Circle 5" we see in the "Power of 5 Doppler Network HD" logo up at the left hand side, right above Nicholas' head?

How about that!

WEWS has been using the current NewsChannel 5 logo - seen at the bottom right - for what, about two or three years now? Most adult Northeast Ohioans who grew up with the station probably still remember the station's Circle 5 logo.

The "back to the future" logo will take some time to get used to. In the graphic we see above, it seems a bit retro. But logo-wise, the past may be the future for WEWS...


Anonymous said...

I think the old circle 5 would be a nice change and may return some much needed ratings to WEWS.
As for the map, it appears Lake Erie has flodded the NW portion of the state.
Damn. I always liked it up at the islands!

Anonymous said...

From WEWS's website: it's official. The new circle 5 logo is to be unveiled Sunday night.

Note that the "5" is more angular in shape than the old logo, which is still used by sister station WPTV/5 in West Palm Beach.

- Nathan Obral

Anonymous said...

I like the new logo but I noticed in their story that ch 5 was the First station with a Web site, (1997). I read on the wbnx site before the redesign eariler this fall that they had one in 1996. Unless my memory has went totally by the wayside I do recall that wbnx had a site before 1997 as I did surf the net in the 1996. Do they mean first as a simple page or total website?

BTW does anyone have any digital updates on WVPX or WBNX? With QUBO and I health starting sometine in the next week, will NE Ohio miss the new 24/7 kids network for the next 2 years or will we have a chance to see it soon?

If I read thing correctly on the AVS fourm (Youngstown fourm on pg 30) that WOAC sell should be completed by June and that there is a strong hint it will be Ethinic/Asian since Multicultural will be the 8th largest station group in the US in terms of Percent of U.S. Household Covered. Any other news on the other digital stations?

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Circle 5!!!
After A Short Hiatus.

VODood said...

Logos don't get ratings. Marketing, coupled with good content/programming, gets ratings.

E.L SMITH said...

wellcome back circle 5! Eyewitness News music to boot! 5's in the right place knock 19 nekkid news back to where it belongs.... here's my break down the circle 5 isn't the original but pays tributes to the past logos from 1990-2006 the slight tilt of 95's logo to slim circle to 1998's logo, the hook of 2004's logo. but in all honesty ir a mesh of OUR's not WPTV's and WFLA's.