Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: It's "My" For Canton's 101.7

OMW has first word of the format about to launch on Clear Channel's new Canton market radio station, WHOF/101.7.

It's "My" format.

No, not "my" format - or even "ours", editorially - but "My" as in the name for an adult contemporary format - the station will be known as "My 101.7", and launches at 4 PM this afternoon...just moments from now.

UPDATE 4:30 PM 1/16/07: As reported above, "My 101.7" (or do we put that in lower case?) launched on schedule at 4 PM.

After a countdown, a station piece took a shot across the bow at NextMedia AC competitor WHBC/94.1, with this line: "If you think variety is the same 200 songs everyday, listen to 94.1". Another liner calls to new listeners whose favorite station "is now playing harder music", a nod to recent playlist changes at "Mix 94.1".

The opening song: "My Life" by Billy Joel.

The "My" branding exists elsewhere in the Clear Channel chain. The company's Philadelphia outlet at 106.1 FM, which launched a rhythmic adult contemporary format as "Philly's 106.1", has now taken the "My" name.

It appears the company is flexible with the "My" branding. An OMW reader notes that "My" is on a Clear Channel classic hits outlet in Milwaukee.

Interestingly enough, a trip to the "my1017.com" website even at this writing produces the same error message that appeared on another 101.7 placeholder site - an error message citing a server at "www.star1017fm.com".

UPDATE 4:30 PM 1/16/07: The "my1017.com" site went live with the station this afternoon. And if you don't think the folks at Freedom Avenue don't already get enough feedback from OMW readers, the website offers a toll-free "feedback" line - 866-444-1017. Though we would expect your comments here would be more direct...

"Star", as we noted in the earlier item, is a standard Clear Channel AC brand name...in markets as close as Ashtabula, and as far away as San Francisco.

Though we didn't know at the time, this may have been the very first sign that an adult contemporary format would end up on 101.7...despite the subterfuge of a fully-laden site for a country station named "The Bull"...


Anonymous said...

The first song is "My Life"
Billy Joel

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you do to get us information

Anonymous said...

OMW you're right on it! (As always...)

Anonymous said...

followed by John Lennon and Wherever You WIll Go by The Calling.
They came right out of the box with "If you think variety is the same 200 songs everyday, listen to 94.1"

Anonymous said...

www.my1017.com is now up and working

collegedj86 said...

Hey OMW... as of 4:08 or so, the www.my1017.com webpage works for me. Purple is the main color with the "Today's Hits & Yesterday's Favorites" moniker with a My 101.7 logo.

No DJs listed yet.

Confirmed as WHOF's webpage by the concert listings (tonight's The Fray concert) and mentions of northeast Ohio on the page.

I have a recording of the final minute of countdown and the launch statement if you're interested. Will be in wma format.

Anonymous said...

And hi-def, too!

Anonymous said...

Barely working. Live music feed not working, most links not working including DJs and contact info. Is it maybe too much work to put that much detail into a website that won't be around long? Is this maybe a ruse?

collegedj86 said...

Correction... I'm not sure on the final format yet as I still need to edit it... likely mp3.

VODood said...

WRIT/Milwaukee, formerly oldies, now classic sh*ts, uses the "My" brand.

Anonymous said...

It looks like they will have an audio stream.

VODood said...

Today's Hits, Yesterday's Favorites. So we have an AC.

I win! Well...sorta.. I predicted either SAC/AC or Country.

Anonymous said...

How about "MY106.5" Cleveland?
To go against DOK

Andrew said...

i'm happy with the new format!! at least it's something i'll listen to.

ohiobiz said...

I can barely get the signal here in South Euclid.

Anonymous said...

The "Bull" was all bull

Anonymous said...

Its going to be one heck of a battle in Canton for the prized "WOMEN 25-54" demo.

Clear Channel, Cumulus, West Virginia Radio...its all about building a wall

I think MY will do okay, and pull 2 or 3 shares from WHBC, but at the same time...it will never be in the Top 5.

Predictions for Spring 07


Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to see how or if Mix 94.1 chooses to respond..this has to have them in absolute panic over on South Market..

Ball's in your court Hunter..

Anonymous said...

WAKS will be sold to Rubber City..or atleast I assume!

They will move the KISS format over to 106.5

Anonymous said...

Country was too thick.

That was never going to happen without stunt staffing of some kind with major promotional dollars. CC's in no position, or never has had that mindset. They look at "a market", not a station. They have the power to do that. Why pour money against Rubber City with an unlikely favorable outcome?

This was a smart move. It's a "market move" to add to the LIBRARY of CC, not a new station for the area. It just added to The Borg and made it more comprehensive.

It was the safe choice.

Andrew said...

Why are we making pointless assumptions about WAKS moving to 106.5? WHOF can't reach the Cleveland area anyways for the average Joe. We now have a competition between WHOF and WHBC in Canton. We'll have to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

The folks at 550 Market Ave. south have to be in panic mode right about now. Time to jettison the remaining staff and bring some real personality to combat MY 101.7

Anonymous said...

The broken links seem to be just on firefox..site works on explorer.

Anonymous said...

You said the problem, I didn't FIREFOX =))

Anonymous said...

My 101.7? Is this a stunt? Please tell me that is it. This area doesn't need another cooker cutter AC.

Anonymous said...

could be last two songs have been end of the innocense and now end of the road.....

somethings up!!!!!

Ohio Media Watch said...

Some comments:

We Could Be Wrong, as always. But we don't believe this is a stunt.

Unlike the Fake Bull Website, thrown our way likely to throw us off the scent (or planted with others to do so), this is a full-fledged station.

And since when did one "stunt" with about the most straight-ahead AC format ever put on the radio?

My goodness, it even uses the time-tested (or worn) phrase "Today's Hits and Yesterday's Favorites".

We could have seen the "Bull" country format, which only existed on a fake website, as a stunt leading up to this.

We have other reasons for believing the longevity of this as the permanent format (such as it is, in radio in 2007), but we'll share them later.

The upshot - CC sees 94.1 as vulnerable...and has put on a format they can sell rather nicely next to WKDD. (Remember, it's all about sales these days.)

The WHBC stations are not the dominant empire they once were in Canton. This couldn't have been done, say, 5 years ago, with any results.

And then there's the, umm, "harder" direction of WHBC-FM's playlist.

OK, so we chuckled a bit at the attempt by the "My" liner to paint "Mix" as some sort of hard rock station in the making. But...it's moving more towards WKDD, and there's your "female friendly" alternative right there at 101.7.

We should have figured that one out right away, with the use of a woman's voice on that 24 hour countdown.

Oh, and Firefox is the official browser of OMW, so we saw the glitches on the WHOF website as well. Nothing major, and I'm sure they'll fix it.

Anyway, we have more to say later.

We appreciate those who have sent us notes about what will likely be an upcoming hiatus. We're not going away...we have good reason for stepping away from the keyboard for a while - and we'll continue to post major news like station format changes and sales.

More, later...

-The Management

Anonymous said...

thanks as always

Anonymous said...

"The Bull" format does exsist in the CC family and is popping up at different stations across the country. It is CC's newest country "cookie cutter" if you will.

Anonymous said...

Thanks OA!

Anonymous said...

my1017.com is linked to http://whof-fm.clearchannel.com/main.html - the standard CC website URL. That's it right there.

However, thebull1017.com still requires password protection - I'd guess that it hasn't been taken down JUST YET, however. It's simple (and barely legal): the "cc-common" subURLs are the same for each website. (In effect, this web page posted at wlec.com can also be found at wtam.com or wwva.com...) It's a matter of clicking and pasting.

WHOF reception report: the signal came in quite scratchy, but listenable in parts during a drive from Avon to Elyria. WRQK came in very well.

- Nathan Obral

Ohio Media Watch said...

Re: "The Bull"'s existence - yes, we even pointed that out when the original website was brought to our attention.

"The Bull" is one of CC's brands for country, from Ashtabula to Lexington KY to larger markets, even...like Atlanta and St. Louis. The Atlanta station is a former, umm, AC outlet which flipped last month.

We're just pointing out that "The Bull" didn't exist in Canton, except perhaps a directory on CC's WAN...

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff OMW! We are very lucky to have this page for information. I think this format will and can do very well in the area. I wonder what direction KDD will now take? Even though I will never be able to listen, I am glad HD was added. Will RQK also follow suit with HD? If anyone has the audio could it be posted, I'd love to hear the opening.

trefdawg said...

I'm suprised. I was able to pick up MY101.7 in Wintersville this afternoon on the way home from work! It was fading in and out but I was able to hear it. I guess I don't have to wait til the wife and I go to Amish country to sample it. Speaking of "sampleing" try the baby swiss at Heines Cheese when you are in amish country.

Gary P. said...

That's NOT MY101.7 FM anymore!

Anonymous said...

Greetings From The WHOF TX Site,Dan Mettler SVP Engineering CC Radio here, As the Engineer who built this site along with retired former CC Youngstown Market Engineer Jim Hartzler, now that the Cat's out of the Bag... As I have been watching this Blog for several months now. Thanks for the reception reports and construction progress, Here are the technical details... WHOF signed on with a new Harris Z-12 Solid state tx in HD, with a 6 kw ERP on the new tower. WRQK will follow with 2 of the Z-12's known as a Z-24 in HD and a new antenna, this will be the first time in over 4 years that WRQK will be at it's fully licensed power, (For the Cumulus lovers) WRQK has been running at half power for 4 years??? I guess it takes CC Engineers to correct another technical mess. :) Hope you enjoy the new signal as Jim and I have spent a ton of time putting this thing together and creating one of the nicest tx sites in this area with out a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Same crappy music, I can hear on WDOK, WQAL, WKDD, WMJI, ad nauseum. Why doesn't CC just call it OUR 101.7, cause it sure isn't mine. Maybe they should use the tag line "We'll play what we want and you'll like it or else!"

Anonymous said...

It is hard to get WHOF in Southern Tuscarawas County

Anonymous said...

Cheap channel strikes again! YIKES!!

Anonymous said...

So far WHOF sounds great...hopefully they didn't hire any non-talent from WHBC namely Terry Simmons! Why hire washed up and out WHBC'ers. Could Jesus be the future format of 94.1 and Rush Limbaugh again on 1480???? NextMedia is going need Jesus to bail them out of their current mess!!! Good luck WHOF! Good bye WHBC!

VODood said...

WHBC, if it's smart, won't change too much. They're the big dog on the porch. Never knee jerk. There will be sampling. It's natural. Especially if WKDD runs a lot of cross promos, which it should.

CC sell WAKS? Not unless they have to. If anything, CC sells WAKS, then moves the format to 100.7. WMMS goes bye bye like it was supposed to back in '98. Dont' get me wrong, I dont want WMMS to leave. But it makes sense.

Once the CC "448" are taken care of, CC will assess those below mkts 100 that need to be spun due to poor revenue performance. That includes The Top 25. I could see at least one Cleveland station on the chopping block.

Good luck Keith with MY. Sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun!

ltr said...

A clarification...

WRIT in Milwaukee does not use the "My 95.7" branding. Rather, they go by "Milwaukee's 95.7".

Anonymous said...

Looks like WJER, sounds like WJER. Only it is now based in North Canton and it is in HD. Woo hoo! What a waste.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with Vodood, up to a point..WHBC-FM now has a pair of stations trageting its core--WKDD and WHOF..and Mix 94.1 is currently held by an ownership group that is setting new standards for being dysfunctional..

Plus, Mix--as is WHBC-AM--is for sale, and has been for some time..its not like NextMedia is going to start spending the cash necessary to fight the radio war that is now underway..

Clear Channel has been waiting in the tall grass, preparing for this moment..while the folks on South Market have been content to pretend that everything is right with the world..

Heritage stations can be beaten..and you're about to watch one hit the deck..

Anonymous said...

Through all of the hype, the waiting, the countdown, the sign-on...has anyone really REALLY noticed that it sounds a lot like the way that boring, stodgy, safe WHBC-FM used to sound musically? Its as if someone took the music they've stopped playing and put it all on another station. How long before everyone starts complaining about that?
Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

"I guess it takes CC Engineers to
correct another technical mess. :)"
Yeah, great. Make sure to pass that along to the people who just got fired. When is everyone going to realize that these broadcast corporations are all the same?

Anonymous said...

Gawd....another Clear Channel template website. The colors are hideous.

Anonymous said...


You really think it sounds like the old WJER? Are you smoking something? With all due respect to Gary P, the 101.7 of today is a much different station.
We still have not heard Jocks, etc.

Anonymous said...


So Obviously "these Broadcast corporations" have not hired you so making this statement is the best you can do..... Don't you need to get to bed so you can get up in time for your morning drive news breaks between satellite show's in small-town OH.? Wake up and smell the Radio business that developed around you.!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually like what they've done with the website. Yes, its the cc template but its got a unique look and feel and certainly speaks to its audience. Besides, have you compared it to WHBC's Microsoft Frontpage template? Gawwwwwwd!

Anonymous said...

I've not worked in a radio studio in over 11 years, so I may not be qualified to offer an opinion of the 101.7 format. My wife however loved it. Many of the titles were standard AC hits, but there were a sprinkling of "oh wow" records, and she enjoyed hearing them. I wonder how wide the playlist will be? hopefully not 300 songs or less.

Has anybody heard if they hired an airstaff?

TO OMW: Thanks for a great site. While I can't play radio anymore, your site is a great weekly escape from my routine and allows me to still feel the thrill.

Anonymous said...

I must say that the earlier post is DEAD ON. There is no difference between the OLD AC 101-7 and this "new" AC 101-7. They both have playlists that are very large. Well over 300 songs.I guess what will make it "different" will be when the New personalities go on the air. Then we will see the difference between Canton /Akron personalities as opposed to Dover/ New Philly ones (tongue in cheek). I just wonder what they will call the "NEW" lunchtime oldies show they will do to make it "original".This reminds me of the Wizard of Oz and the BIG AND MIGHTY OZ...who really was just a guy behind the curtain.THE NEW MY 101-7!! The all Mighty and Powerful 101-7!!....(just a little guy in the Freedom Road studio)throwing out shots at 94-1. My advice to Mix 94-1. HOLD YOUR GROUND. Don't run away with your tail between your legs. You were doing AC Long before these guys in Canton.And doing very well by the way.STAY THE COURSE!!...Most of the comments on here have you believing that Next Media is hiding under the desks in their Market Ave. Building.Come on. It's been almost 4 years since these guys bought this station and this is it?...someone throw some water on me.....Ooooh I'm melting.....

Anonymous said...

a big difference here..
No 20 minute remote cuts in the from the sugarcreek cheese fest.

Musically there may not be much of a difference, but 101.7 has NEVER been a destination for radio listeners in Canton, unless they moved from Dover to work at Diebold.
The different must be the content in between the records. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I would argue nextmedia is not only under the desks, but in the old fallout shelter in the basement as well. Okay..perhaps not, but riddle me this...101.7 JUST signed on the air, but in the past 4 months WHBC has:

1. Slid in ratings again.
2. Replaced their Market Manager
3. Replaced their Sales Manager
4. Replaced their Program Director
5. Lost their morning show as a result of replacing their P.D.
6. Played all Christmas music for the 1st time ever. (did it work? )
7. Changed format to Hot AC.
8. Replaced their Afternoon Host.

Are the two related? Most will say no, but then again...it's starting to add up.

Anonymous said...

>2. Replaced their Market Manager
>3. Replaced their Sales Manager
>4. Replaced their Program Director
>5. Lost their morning show as a result of replacing their P.D.
>8. Replaced their Afternoon Host.

These are things that needed to be done for some time now. For this anonymous blog responder, Mix has been boring for far too long. Terry and Maddie did the same show every single day, Steve was never entertaining, and Kayleigh Kriss has been phoning it in for years. Maddie and Kayleigh have been sounding better lately, but Maddie needs someone else in the studio with her.

If nothing else, the debut of my 101.7 will force Mix to actually DO something to keep the audience they have. I hope the new management wis able bring fresh ideas to help them win this war. Competition either kills you or makes you stronger, and I hope it will be the latter for Mix. With proper promotion, stronger personalities, and the right mix of music, Mix can still win.

radioboy1 said...

I wonder what WKDD-98.1 FM will now do with - www.kisscanton.com - as it still mirrors - www.wkdd.com - any thoughts?

Will the KISS format move to 98.1 FM after a possible upcoming CC sale? Or will KISS move to 106.5 FM or 100.7 FM?

I happen to like the new my101.7 -WHOF FM Canton.

Thanks OA for providing this excellent site.

Anonymous said...

My money is still on WHBC as well. The changes are refreshing. The only glaring missing piece is a strong morning team and I'm sure they're working on it diligently.

The cheap shots at HBC made me lose even more respect for Keith K., which leaves him at about a -2 in my book. This deal has been in the works for literally years and this guy comes up with a ticking clock, a countdown with a voice that wasn't fit for even college radio, and then a sucker punch at 94.1. Ooooh....captivating.


I expected more, I really did.

Anonymous said...

Several comments question what will happen with WKDD and what direction it will take.
Why would they mess with WKDD? It's been slowly gaining Canton numbers since the frequency swap, plus continues to be a winner in Akron.

If they're smart, they won't do a thing to WKDD, and I doubt they will.

AC listeners are a bit loyal. It's going to take a lot of promotion to make My 101.7 work. When will the billboards start to pop up?
If I were CC, I'd be getting them up very soon!!
Possibly some direct mail?

Anonymous said...

I feel so used and abused. For years I've enjoyed ROCK 107 and never knew that I was being deprived of some of it's Power. Thank the gods above that CCU has smiled upon us and is about to save ROCK 107's listeners like myself from the scum-of-the-earth Cumulus. I'm sure the great Clear Channel engineers can figure out how to get all of those lost watts back.

Anonymous said...

You say you "enjoyed" Rock 107 and feel cheated because they weren't at full power? So that means once CC gets it up to full power, you'll be having orgasms everytime you listen to it? Better enjoy it while you can, wouldn't be surprised if they try to tweak or flip the format. Maybe soon you'll be listening to Wildlife 107, Natures Best Mating Calls!

Anonymous said...

Keith don't need anybody to defend him but I'll say I'm amazed by his work ethic, on a normal day, and this week especially.

You should know that Keith lost his Father in a car accident on Sunday. I'm told the entire launch of 101.7 was then pushed back by a week into next week. Keith insisted it go on as soon as the transmitter was ready. He went in sat with the rest of the staff for the launch party, did a few things and went to spend time with his family.

Anonymous said...

I like that: "WKDD is slowly gaining ground and is a winner in Akron".
Although they are 12+ numbers, the ones the public sees and knows and NOT the demo numbers, blah, blah, blah, I would direct you to the AllAccess Arbitron page, where both Akron and Canton numbers came out yesterday.
Find KDD on there, wouldja? Then get back to us.
Hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

What is it with people and the sale of a stick from CC Cleveland? We're talking about WHOF, folks!

I would flip back and forth every few minutes when I was in the car yesterday listening to my101.7. Once the word gets out you'll hear 101.7 in nearly every office around. It's become obvious that Mix changed to compete against KDD. Albeit not well and using the (R.I.P.) Sunny 104-5 Philly jingle package too... yuck.

Why would CC want to touch the format of WKDD? That's a money making powerhouse for the cluster. It's a well oiled machine that just needs a tweak here or there for the season.

The station has been on the air for less than 24 hours. Give it time, folks.

I must say this... for being a brand new radio station in Canton, it sounds pretty damn good. It sounds better than a bunch of major market ACs that I can think of. And that's just with the imaging they used on launch day!

ho ho ho said...

Yes, WKDD is still a winner in Akron. A BIG winner in revenue.
Were they down this book? Yep. I'd guess the holiday tunes on Fish and 'DOK were partly to blame for that.

Stations go up and down all the time. That's the way it goes.

As far as My 101.7 is concerned, I happen to like it. I like it more than I like Soft Rock 102.1

I know this, its the last time you will see Mix 94.1 with double digits in 12+

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ratings, HOLY CRAP did Rock 107 take a tumble!!!

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE was down in Canton. Rock 107 still is number one in the male target demo's. :) Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

WHBC-FM has been boring since they first went AC in 1990, but as the successor to a beautiful music format, I have always assumed it was SUPPOSED TO BE BORING, i.e., something innocuous enough that most office workers wouldn't be annoyed by it. WHOF's music sounds great so far, lots of records I haven't heard in ages — though that may be because I don't listen to a lot of AC radio :) — which is to their credit.

But it's awfully '70s-heavy, which makes sense if they want ex-94.1 ears. Still, the audience for 1970s music is no longer a prime demo for advertisers.

Don't expect much in the way of content. Why would CC, which has been jettisoning employees across the board, spend a lot of money on staffing a Class A in Canton? I expect a perfunctory local morning show at most, the rest voicetracked from some remote location.

WHBC actually has an opportunity here to get the demos down and reinvent itself. Whether NextMedia is capable of seizing the moment is another matter.

67 posts! Is this a record, OA?

Anonymous said...


Lets see here, everyone was down in Canton?

WHBC-FM was on an uptrend
WZKL-FM was on an uptrend

KDD and RQK both spiraled down. Ofcourse this is just 12+ but seriously, CC might be wonderful, but there are other companies that are much better than CC!

I see MY 101.7 doing what they did in Columbus. Move in a full market signal and splash in some Oldies hits to take a punch at WHBC-AM and then go after them with an overall mask as Soft AC

While WLZT has gained traction in some areas....it still has not yet dented the overall power of Sunny 95.

Here is the reasoning behind my argument. Sunny 95 is a heritage stick (just like WHBC). If Sunny 95 went off the air, it would still register in the Top 10 for a book because of the high PHANTOM RATINGS! Phantom ratings are a pain in the ass, but they are there.

WHBC will tumble a little bit. This will only help WZKL and WQXK along with WQMX

Will My ever beat WHBC? Only if that station does a major haulover

I think Keith is one hell of a great Program Director. He is smarter and wiser than many, but at the same time...it does sadden me on the punch they took against WHBC. But then again, its a radio war! Atleast they picked it with the other Corporate dogs in town instead of the sole owners.

As for WHBC being for sale? I see it getting picked up eventually! Or atleast I would hope!

PS = I would see Delilah annexing evenings on My 101.7 very very soon!

Anonymous said...

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between WLZT.
933 is BORING. plays alot of 70's and 80's with little 90's and NO currents.

I'm hearing lots of 90's and currents on the new 101.7
Uptempo stuff too.
I'm actually hearing Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace right now.
WOAH! That one might be a little risky!!

Anonymous said...

The one comment 'way back about how radio ad time is sold is the most telling concerning the recent changes in Canton radio.
It's all about sales and marketing for a cluster, not individual signals, in the business today.
The Freedom Avenue cluster is now more advertiser-efficient, with a station to hit most major target demos, and specific gaps potentially filled in by strong CC Cleveland signals like WMJI, WGAR and WTAM.
Today, demos and reach are more important than 12+ numbers alone.
And that puts 1 or 2-station operations at a disadvantage, unless they have numbers so big that advertisers can't "buy around" them without missing a significant segment of the audience.
With WHBC losing its dominance, Canton advertisers may be able to reach most of the audience with one CC cluster buy, and that saves them time and money. This is especially true for regional and agency buys, the "cream" of the ad world that operators covet.
This doesn't mean it's better compared to the pre-conglomerate days, but it's the way the business works right now.

And condolences to Keith Kennedy on the tragic loss of his father. I would hope that all of us on this page are human enough to put competitive feelings aside and remember him and his family in this time of their grief.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there were so many radio experts in Stark County. It's positively staggering.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that is Scott Glazer from Mix 106.5 as the station voice. Not sure who the female is.

VODood said...

Condolences Keith.

And if it's Scott Glaser as the "MY" VO, congrats! Scott was an intern at WMJI when I was there. He's come a long way.

Anonymous said...

Have been enjoying the music on the new MY101.7 the past couple of days. Especially on this morning's commute, as it's probably the only station that isn't mostly or all yak yak in the morning(at least for now).

While they have a great car radio signal all over Akron, and a good boombox siganl at home, I wonder how much in-office listening they'll get in Akron.

In my office, about halfway up the second tallest building in downtown Akron, my office radio gets them OK but a bit noisy, as does another radio(facing a south window) in another office. The rest of the radios I tried (7 or 8 in all) in various offices all either got a poor signal or none at all.

I know this is supposed to be a Canton radio station, NOT an Akron station, but w/the facility they are using, one would have expected a better Akron signal.

Oh well, at least I'll be listening.

Ohio Media Watch said...

Well, maybe not.

At the OMW World Headquarters in Northwest Akron, clearly on the "distant" edge of the WHOF signal, we can easily pick up 101.7's new signal on all but one radio in the building - a Panasonic table stereo.

The culprit there appears to be bad adjacent signal reception...as the edges of WDOK/102.1 appear to be wiping it out.

Two Sony radios, a table stereo and a boombox, have no trouble picking up the signal...and one's even in the kitchen away from any windows.

A GE SuperRadio III lives up to its name, and picks up the station perfectly even when the telescoping antenna is not pointing at a window.

Upstairs, our Accurian HD Radio can pick up a clear analog signal from the station, but can't lock on its HD carrier. (As we mentioned earlier, that's standard for that radio for adjacent market HD signals, at least on our setup.)

Bottom line - it is a Canton station, period. They'll be able to get listeners south of Downtown Akron, and car listeners further away.

But remember when sister WKDD moved from in-market Akron signal 96.5 to Canton signal 98.1?

The class B former WHK-FM signal was similar. It was more powerful than WHOF is, but much further distant out in Louisville in eastern Stark County.

Remember all the complaints WKDD got from folks with less than perfect radios, even in places like Tallmadge? They were overwhelming, as we're sure WKDD PD Keith Kennedy remembers.

It prompted CC to immediately file to move to a new site in Hartville, where today's WKDD broadcasts from. Same class, basically the same "signal range", but much closer to the Akron market.

If WHOF tried to sell Akron as more than just an "add-in" to Canton on this signal, it'll be a surprise to us. It IS a class A, 6KW signal just east of downtown Canton...with class B WRQK/106.9 about to transmit from the very same tower.

newsnomore said...

Question for engineers.

ERP 6kw

How high up is the stick?

Anonymous said...

was able to pick up my101.7 through the northern part of summit county, though soon after, it became static-y

Anonymous said...

Wow - Everything really does happen first on this board. My father died and I didn't know until I read this site!

There is some confusion. My Father did not pass away. There was a Kennedy in Wayne County who passed, but its no relation to me, as my real name is not Kennedy.

Rob Mackenzie said...

RE: 101.7 tower height

I don't have exact numbers, but I believe it is about 350 feet with the WRQK antenna at the top, with WHOF just below.
So probably around 320 feet?

Keith could probably chime in with that answer.

106.9 is at 40% power. I actually get a better signal on 101.7 in Akron, than 106.9

Anonymous said...

101.7 mostly comes in fine for me when I tried it out whilst driving in Twinsburg, though as I moved further North through the city it became rather static-laden. But, once I started South-bound and got into Twinsburg Township, I had no problems.

Haven't tried out Rock 107 from this distance in a while. Maybe I should . . .

Dustin from Akron said...

Was able to pick up 101.7 in Kent without any static while driving in the car.

Anonymous said...

Izzit just me, or does the My website not load quite right in Firefox?

The "Commercial Free" ad (is that an oxymoron?) in the top center of the page has a few bars of tiny black text all over it.

It looks fine in IE...but I don't use IE unless I have no choice whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

What is going on at WRQK? It's crashing as we speak! First WRQK was 1/2 power, now it's 40%. I hope the annointed CC engineers have gained the knowledge of changing tubes, as it appears the one at WRQK is going down fast. They've lost 10% in less than 24 hours.

It's just amazing that the Boobs at Cumulus have managed to keep the lights on ... much less the transmitter, according to Dan Mettler. I am just so happy that he has decended from Mt. Indianapolis, carring his CCU engineering procedures stone tablets. I'm almost speechless as he waves his hands the beautiful new tower steel springs from the earth. It's all designed to help us lowly Cantonites secure our radio freedom from the hated and despised Cumulus.

Thank god CMLS is gone and lord have mercy on Battle Creek and Ann Arbor. They'll most certainly crash & burn without the leadership of Mr. Mettler over their Engineering. I cry for them on an hourly basis.

Anonymous said...

If you saw the old Rock 107 transmitter site you would cry for them! BTW The Rock 107 signal will not be on the new tower until the studios move to Freedom Ave. And that won't take place until Feb.

Anonymous said...

now the next question is, what about an airstaff?

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that Clear Channel allows their VP's to take cheap shots at their fellow broacasters in a public forum. Very unprofessional.

Next we'll read some programmng VP is blasting Garret Hart because he had to stick to a budget.

We can always count on Clear Channel to take the high road. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. I think every radio station uses budgets. HBC is now scrutinizing the budgets based on the lower revenue projections due to the ratings they have received. Time will tell who stays and who goes and what the impact HOF will have on future ratings. Conversly, CC has very little budget for talent. We all know that. Look at RKQ and how they recently downsized the evenings. And who knows how or what the process is in Alliance? Hire B (or C) talent and hope for the best. That way, they can be "live and local". Whatever.

My point is, everyone has to play with the cards they are delt. The question is, who has the best "hand" and who is playing the game the best right now with the cards they are holding??

Anonymous said...

atleast they are local in alliance

Anonymous said...

Live and local never automatically means better.

For example: WZKL, WNIR.

Bad radio, one gets ratings the other well...someday.

BTW: Anybody hear Deluca crowing about ratings this week? Claiming to the the 1st to beat Matt Patrick. Guess he forgot about WQMX, WONE, and WNIR who all volley back and forth with Matt in Akron.

...and btw I've never felt listeners give a sweet jesus about your ratings. Bragging about arbs is akin to bragging about the size of your swanzschtocher.

Anonymous said...

AMEN... Does "Local" automatically merit the terms "better" or "talented"??? It's real easy to have a "Local" piece of crap product! Someone needs to deflate the radio bubble, that many seem to be trapped in. There's a whole other world of people outside of industry folks that just don't care!

Anonymous said...

...and while ratings have their place..billing is the only criteria that matters in radio..and I would bet a large sum of money that Mr. Patrick would wipe the floor with Deluca if it came to who brought how much cash in to their respective radio stations..

Anonymous said...

OK>>>>>>>Enough, The long awaited WHOF is on the air, WRQK is reworking there staff as CC takes over and updates there transmitter. Does this thread need to continue about ratings,talent,out of town engineers, and tight budgets at other stations????

How about ending this thread and move on to something else???

Anonymous said...

in exactly what demo did deluca beat matt? men? he did the same crap when he was the night jock. "im number one"... the listener doesn't care. make the station some money. that's what counts.

Anonymous said...

Actually no... Most all of the demos - including 12 plus

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat, stay off the message boards during your shift.

Anonymous said...

12-24 women, the real money demo!

And the listener doesnt care at all! They dont listen to a show because he is number 1. They dont listen to a show to hear the jock brag about being number 1. They dont give 2 shits about it!

Anonymous said...

Because I was bored here are some selected demos:

W 18-44 Tied
W 18-49 KDD
W 18-54 KDD

W 21-44 ZKL
W 21-49 KDD
W 21-54 KDD

W 25-34 ZKL
W 25-44 Tied
W 25-49 KDD

A 18-44 ZKL
A 18-49 Tied
A 18-54 Tied

A 21-44 ZKL
A 21-49 Tied
A 21-54 Tied

A 25-34 ZKL
A 25-44 ZKL
A 25-49 KDD

It looks like each station is winning where they should win. It surprises me that ZKL does as well as they do in demos like A 21-54 & A 25-44 against a heritage AMD show on KDD. Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

What are the comparable numbers/places of the 5 or 6 stations ahead of them? I mean, you can't be in 5th, 6th, or below in the 12+ and be #1 in all of these, eh? If you're really bored, put those up and put the comments to this post closer to 100!

Anonymous said...

Re the discussion on power and tower height, here are the details:

WRQK, 27.5kw @ 338' HAAT (above average terrain0, also 338's AGL (above ground level).

WHOF 6kw @ 266' HAAT/276' AGL

WKDD 50kw @ 345' HAAT/335' AGL

WHBC-F 45kw @ 515' HAAT/545' AGL

WZKL 50kw @ 499' HAAT/460' AGL (directional)

WHOF, WKDD, and WRQK are all running facilities that are below the maximum for their station class (50kw @ 492' for Class B, 6kw @ 352' for Class A). WRQK is quite under-powered for its class. In fact, its facilities are very close to that of a B1 (25kw @ 352').

The only Canton station running full-bore is WHBC-FM. WZKL is close but it has a directional antenna which inhibits its signal into Akron.

I don't see WHOF being a factor in the Akron market because of both signal and the presence of WDOK. (Although its proximity on the dial won't hurt). However, if it starts getting some numbers in Akron I'm sure they will try to sell time up there.

Anonymous said...

Number 100!! Whoopie!!

Canton AMD Numbers:

W 18-44 HBCF 1, KDD/ZKL T2
W 18-49 HBCF 1, KDD 2, QMX/ZKL T3
W 18-54 Same as 18-49

A 18-44 ZKL 1, HBCF 2, RQK 3, QXK 4, KDD 5
A 18-49 HBCF 1, KDD/RQK/ZKL T2

Pretty interesting considering what is happening in the market.
A 18-54 HBCF 1, KDD/QXK/ZKL T2

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me WHY Deluca is pulling numbers like those?

Anonymous said...

I just read this entire thread and I can't believe my eyes. This guy Dan Mettler must think that he walks on water. I know Mr. Hartzler and I am certain that he'd be embarrased to know his boss had taken total leave of his humility to write something like this. I doubt Jim would ever consider throwing dirt on his fellow engineers. I agree with the earlier post about this being unprofessional ..

Ohio Media Watch said...

A thought:

Perhaps messages posted here are not always what they seem, and that people misinterpret them.

From what we understand, the message by Mr. Mettler was posted "tongue in cheek", and was not really meant to insult anyone...

...especially not anyone in the same facility with him, from the other company in question, while he posted the message.

And with that, we close the thread. It's way too big!

-The Management