Sunday, October 01, 2006

Carl Monday's Wild Ride

WKYC/3 investigative reporter Carl Monday has apparently come to terms with his newfound worldwide Internet fame, a fame that was only set on fire this week by a story on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".

"Daily Show" reporter Jason Jones caught up with Monday a couple of weeks ago - to do a piece on Monday's now world-famous story on the man he found getting a little too much into what he was viewing on a Berea library computer.

Monday talked about the encounter on his blog, and WKYC has helpfully provided a full unedited video clip of Jones' interview with the station's investigative reporting star in Channel 3's parking lot.

Give him credit for this: Monday's taking this in stride.

In the interview, Monday says that his job as an investigative reporter is to "expose the truth"...but quickly quips that maybe he shouldn't have used that word. Despite a bit of grumbling about the whole thing, he seems to "get" the ribbing from the Comedy Central show, and has a little fun with Jones as well.

In his blog, Monday writes:

The "reporter" asked rediculous questions..and wasted no time regressing to comments about the "library story." You can guess where the "interview" went from there.


Don't now if I'll be laughing..but with all the bad news we deliver each day..i suppose we could all use some comic relief.


Anonymous said...

That is very funny!! Is that the footage that the daily show filmed or was that filmed by ch 3?

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart wasted his time.
He should have stayed in New York and let Carl Monday do what he does best.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Carl Monday should have checked out a dictionary while he was in the library.

SportsBoyTony said...

Unforunately the boy wasn't originally caught in the magazine section - then Monday's segment could have been titled "Pervert in the Periodicals."

Anonymous said...

The bit that aired on the Daily Show is on Comedy Central's web site and originally aired last Thursday. It is probably one of the funniest bits I have seen; especially since it about the "home market". The sad thing is, Jason Jones accurately depicts what qualifies for "news" in Cleveland. Which begs the question, You Jackin' it?