Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yet More Stuff

We're kind of in an unorganized mood this week, so please forgive us for more potpourri... we can't cook, after all:

ROGER'S LEAVING: As hinted and reported here the past week or so, it's now official... Cleveland Plain Dealer sports/media columnist Roger Brown will be taking the PD's buyout, designed to reduce the paper's staff to save money.

Roger's not the only PD sportswriter listed in the paper's news blog item on the buyouts. Well-known names like Bob Dolgan and "Railbird" Bob Roberts have also decided to take the offer, along with a number of names in other departments at the PD.

There's no word yet who, if anyone, will take over sports media as a part of their beat at the paper. The baton has occasionally been picked up by PD sports folks like Tony Grossi, and we suppose even Julie Washington will pick up a story or two in the media side of sports.

We also don't know when Roger's last column will run. The PD item notes the buyout departures will be "staggered" between now and the end of the year...

HAROLD MOVES ON: If you've been listening to news radio locally for a while, you may remember the name Harold Mester. The former WTAM/1100 reporter left the Clear Channel Cleveland talker some years ago for the news director post at a station he'd already been heard on via the magic of computer networks, sister talk WISN/1130 Milwaukee.

Mester is now leaving WISN. As the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tim Cuprisin reports, he'll move into a role as spokesman for local county government in the Brew City. Best to you on your new job, Harold!

IVAN HARVEY PASSES: A note to officially mark (OMW-wise) the passing of veteran Toledo radio newsman Ivan Harvey.

The 82-year-old former WSPD/1370 newsman passed away over the weekend. Most folks in Toledo probably don't remember his time in radio news, as he left the field in 1969 for academia.

The Toledo Blade reports that Harvey was a key player in developing the separate Communications Department at the University of Toledo, which he chaired until his 1975 retirement...


Anonymous said...

Roger Brown was the only reason to read the PD's pathetic sports page...not to suggest he was astute or well-sourced, just interesting to read. The other 2 buffoons just criticize and rehash 'the Drive', 'the Fumble', 'the Shot' etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't read the Beacon's pathetic sports page then; Tom Reed (the ABJ's best overall columnist) is heading to the Dispatch in Columbus.

Anonymous said...

Also note that Harold Mester worked at WEOL/930 prior to joining WTAM. This also has been the case with former anchor Tracey Koczynski, WMJI/WGAR anchor Laurie Hovater and WHLO ND Tom Duresky.

It, however, is very sad to see both Bob Dolgan, Bob Roberts and Burt Graff leave. Note that Dolgan was the PD radio critic in the late 80's, and his writing on the Indians radio voice search in 1989 prompted Tom Hamilton to audition for the gig.

I respected their work a great deal, and hopefully they will land on their feet soon.

- Nathan Obral

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Tom Reed, a class act. Too bad he won't take that old fogie Heldenfels with him. Totally worthless.

In the one-minute I had WTAM on today, Trivisobbo was again on his soapbox about casino & online gambling. I'm now in favor of abolishing all of it, just because I know he loves it so much. Yes, it's spite. But he was also on the air just railing and cursing the Bible yesterday like nobody's business. Who gives this wad a mic to spew his vomit, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Reed will be coming to the Dispatch so I can read more of his stuff. I once worked with Tom, albeit briefly, and found him to be a top-flight journalist. Akron's loss is certainly a gain in Central Ohio.