Friday, October 27, 2006

Cavaliers in Da Burgh

The NBA Cleveland Cavaliers continue to test the TV waters in Pittsburgh.

McKeesport Daily News writer Patrick Cloonan - a regular OMW reader - passes along an article of his featured in the paper's sports section on Thursday. (For whatever reason, it's not on the Daily News' website.)

He writes that the Cavaliers will once again be seen on FOX Sports Net Pittsburgh on a limited basis. The cable network will feature 16 Cavs games - ten from Quicken Loans Arena, and six on the road. Five of the games will be in HDTV, starting on November 7th when the Cavaliers play the Atlanta Hawks.

Cloonan also notes that new Cavaliers TV voice Fred McLeod is a graduate of Point Park College, and formerly worked for WSTV/9 in nearby Steubenville OH (now WTOV).

He also passes along something that's not in the article. The former over-air home of Cavaliers basketball in the Pittsburgh market, low-power WBGN-LP/59, will not carry the team this year.

WBGN would, presumably, have rights to the five over-air games Raycom Media MyNetworkTV affiliate WUAB/43 will simulcast this year...


Anonymous said...

In the past WBGN carried the same games as ch 43. Could ch 19 (Pittsburgh's CW WPCW) or ch ch 22 WPMY carry tge games instead? As for the cavs being in the 'burgh it really is no big deal since in the past the pens did play some preseason games in Cleveland. They do this because Pittsburgh does not have an NBA team and Cleveland does not have an NHL team. They do it to drum up support for the closest team.

Anonymous said...

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Ohio Media Watch said...

It's called Site Owner Perogative.

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