Sunday, October 22, 2006

CONFIRMED: R.C. Bauer Leaves WTAM/1100 for Tampa

And exclusive as far as we know, at least as of this writing:

OMW has confirmed that long-time WTAM/1100 news director R.C. Bauer is leaving the Clear Channel Cleveland news/talk powerhouse for a new gig at sister talk WFLA/970 Tampa FL. (We alluded to this item in the entry just below this one, but it was just rumor at the time.)

OMW hears that R.C. will be taking the newly minted role of "Director of Information and Programming Services" at the Florida talker, a title which sounds from the description we've heard basically translates to something like "News Director on Steroids".

In addition to primary responsibility for all news and news-related programming both on the station and online, the job also gives him many other responsibilities in both news and programming.

The 10 year station veteran dates his service there back to the last days of "3WE", before it was rechristened WTAM. He'll start in Florida on November 6th.

His new home station is one of the better known Clear Channel talk outlets in the country. Among other things, WFLA was the original talk radio home of Premiere syndicated host Glenn Beck.

Back home at WTAM, OMW hears that assistant news director Darren Toms is moving up to take the news director position, in what should be a smooth transition at Oak Tree...


VODood said...

RC is ok. Don't know him as a person. Chip Kullick is the best News Hound in C-Town! He's been WMJI News Director since 1995, when he was only 27.

WTAM should hire former WGAR ND Ed Richards as News Director.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree - but really, would Ed want it? After all, Methany & Co. kicked him out in the Bloody Valentine's BudgetAx of 2001, and the WGAR department was Borged into WTAM's (Ken Robinson is the sole surviving news staffer).

This wasn't hard to spot, anyway. R.C., Chip, WDOK's Jim McIntyre and WEOL/930's Craig Adams are the only four in the market that hold the actual title of news director...

- Nathan Obral

Anonymous said...

Ed Richards was his own man. He never kissed anyone's butt. He was not a CC "yes man" and therefore,was not one of the cleveland cluster's golden boys, even though the national CC programming honchos loved him. I would vote to bring him back to anchor morning drive.

It's a shame that the market lost such a talent, but look at the talent-drain
this market has experienced in the past five or six years.

Anonymous said...

How can you sing Chip Kulich's praises? It's obvious that his newscasts are copy-pasted from WTAM's scripts. REAL news directors don't walk into the building at quarter after 5 and bitch on the air for 4 hours, in between delivering someone elses scripts.

VODood said...

I know Chip well. Worked with him for years. He's no hack. With that said, why not take advantage of the News Dept and it's resources?

Plus, Kullick's main gig is 3rd banana to Lanigan. A role he does extremely well.

Anonymous said...

How about bringing back Craig Edwards. He knew how to kiss butt and keep a job even though he had no talent

Anonymous said...

Bring back Craig Edwards and "Man In Motion" Pat Brogan. That's was radio news you could "see". Clevelands loss is LA's gain. They're both there.