Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ODTV: Analog Shutoff Times As We Know Them

It has taken us far too much time to compile this list...and it's not even complete.

View the analog TV shutoff list for Friday, at least what information we do have, on our Ohio Digital TV blog...


Anonymous said...

Another one to add to the list is WBNX, The CW in Cleveland. They are promoting that their analog shutoff is 10AM on June 12.

Jthoma said...

Off topic, but wanted to report it. I live in the Garfield Heights area, and Monday night my Time Warner Cable went out. Tuesday morning, I had all the new HD channels. SO they are making progress.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, has anyone noticed stores selling out of the digital-to-analog converter boxes? It seems there are a lot more people that need these boxes that are scrambling to get them at the last minute (I admit I'm one of them). I may have cable, but I don't have it on every TV and don't feel like purchasing a new digital ready TV. I called RCA and they said their model is sold out everywhere and the factory can't keep up with the orders.

Andrew J said...

WVIZ's continuous scroll touting the wonders of their new full power digital signal is starting to get really annoying after several hours.

Matt said...

I haven't seen a sell out issue here in Columbus, infact the HHGreg store I visited the other day had I would say a great number stacked plus a whole pile of them on the self.

Tim Lones said...

From Stark County:

WVPX Channel 23 is testing its digital signal now..

23-1 ION
23-2 Qubo
23-3 ION Life
23-4 Worship

Very strong in the Canton-North Canton Area-Nearly perfect on the Zenith 900 converter box

PolarBear said...

@Tim Lones:

Is 23-1 480i or 720p/1080i? I know some ION affiliates already have the HD version of the main ION channel, so I wonder if WVPX will get it soon, once the DTV transition is over. WVPX is an O&O so I hope the HD feed comes soon.

Tim Lones said...


re:23 HD:

I wouldnt know about that..I was using an old analog with a converter box..Not an HD TV..