Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Toledo's "Zone" Flips To Sports Monday

Yes, this is the item we hinted about last week, and now, it's official.

The Toledo Blade reports that Cumulus Toledo is changing format on WRWK/106.5, which has been alt-rock "The Zone" until now.

Starting Monday, it'll become a simulcaster of Cumulus' sports talk station, WLQR/1470 "The Ticket".

The Blade's Rod Lockwood reports that "The Zone" will shift its modern rock music to the Internet, and that the two frequencies will allow Cumulus Toledo to solve sports play-by-play conflicts - with one team on one frequency, and the other team on the other side of the simulcast, when teams like the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions conflict in scheduling.

Other than that, "The Ticket"'s FM side will be a straight simulcast of the ESPN Radio-laced format on AM 1470, including the local afternoon drive sports talk fest hosted by WLQR program director Norm Wamer ("The Front Row").

A quote from Wamer in the Blade article:

(Wamer) said the decision to eliminate the FM station's modern rock format in exchange for sports is aimed at the prime demographic of men between the ages of 25 and 54.

"Everyone has been having a tough time with the economy, but the sports format has been terrific," he said yesterday.

One slight clarification though, as Lockwood tries to compare power between the AM side (1,000 watts) and the FM side (3,000 watts).

WRWK/106.5 is licensed to Delta, and it's basically a southwest rimshot into Toledo. It's not an awful rimshot, and turning off the stereo pilot may effectively increase its listenable range (no stereo "flutter" on the edges of the signal, including portions of Toledo itself).

AllAccess reports that in addition to the online coverage, "The Zone" will also be heard on an HD2 subchannel (presumably of its soon-to-be-former home of 106.5), and will still be under the oversight of program director Dan McClintock, who also programs classic rock WXKR/94.5 "94.5-XKR"...


slurp812 said...

That was the only station I listened to. I really hope they broadcast on HD2 since I do have an HD receiver. I miss it already!

boobear2 said...

I think this is just wrong, we finally had a station that didn't live in the past (not that theres anything wrong with that) but the other stations play the same ole same ole. If people want to listen to sports then let them watch ESPN or turn to Am! And I'm sure not everybody has the internet in their car!!
I really hope they switch back because I think this is a very big mistake.

boobear2 said...

I think it's just wrong, there are enough sports channels and stations for men(or women) to listen to or watch, If they want sports then let them flip it to Am. This is very upsetting to me. I among others I'm sure do not have the internet in their car!!

robinsonreb said...

I had to start listening to 88.7. It is the only station that even comes close.

maku said...

I can't speak for everyone, but as for myself, I don't have internet in my vehicle. To me that was the best station in the area. I'm not a twenty yr old, I am 50 yrs old. What are these idiots thinking. If I want sports, I'll go home and turn on ESPN!

william said...

I've started a petition on this! Make sure you tell all of your friends about it, and have them sign it!

Anonymous said...

This is sooo stupid!!!! What am I gonna listen to now? Theres only like country and gospel and christian rock now, and 104.7 is only good sometimes. BRING 106.5 BACK!!!!! SCREW THE SPORTS!!!!