Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ODTV: Sorting Through The WJW Mess

Yes, we were a bit harsh in yesterday's item, explaining the "lack of power" out of Local TV Fox affiliate WJW/8's new digital transmitter...which was believed to be running at 30 kW, but is actually only putting out 11 kW, based on our research of FCC filings.

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andrew727 said...

In the last few thoughts I wrote, I was a bit harsh on WJW TV 8 and WOIO TV 19. I'll stick by those comments, however they are not the only stations having loss of coverage problems. Seems a lot of stations around the country are having similar problems which will plaugue them and the FCC in the weeks and months ahead. What's easily fixed for the stations who had good digital signals in the pre-DTV only days who switched frequencies to post-DTV days is to switch back to those frequencies and power that worked. For those that had lousy DTV signals to begin with, like WOIO TV 19, they are hopefully working with the FCC to solve those problems.

- Andrew, -